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Marvel Multiverse slings across the Spider-Verse in new expansion to comic book RPG

What a… sticky web we weave.

Cover art for Spider-Verse expansion for Marvel Multiverse RPG
Image credit: R. B. Silva / Marvel Comics

The Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game isn’t about to let Gwen and Miles have all of the interdimensional fun and has announced an expansion to the official tabletop RPG for the sprawling comic book universe.

Aptly and simply named the Spider-Verse Expansion, this book will contain all the information that groups need to tell dramatic stories involving - or centring on - the multidimensional tapestry connecting all iterations of classic hero, Spider-Man.

The expansion is written by Matt Forbeck, the same designer that created the core Marvel Multiverse RPG rulebook and the recently announced X-Men supplement, and lays out the rules for creating your own version of Spidey, whether they’re a cowboy, a cybernetic vampire or a T. Rex in full spandex. R. B. Silva has been tapped to illustrate the supplement.

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Groups will also gain access to a trove of information and lore about the “spider mythos”, which is an extremely comic book-y way of saying encyclopaedic information on Spidey’s exploits, both in the world and the infinite others connected to it. If you’ve seen Across the Spider-Verse, you’ll know that well runs surprisingly deep, so it’ll be interesting to see if the supplement goes beyond the film’s portrayal.

Also included in the book are rules on creating supporting characters - your own Uncle Bens and Aunt Mays - how to work symbiotes and clones into the game (another mark on the Extremely Comic Book Phrase Counter) and introducing classic villains such as the Sinister Six, the Inheritors and perhaps even The Spot.

“I’ve been a Spider-Man fan since I was three years old, and that’s my absolutely favorite corner of the Marvel Multiverse. I cannot wait to help all my gaming friends out there explore the Spider-Verse,” Forbeck told Dicebreaker via email.

Image credit: R. B. Silva / Marvel Comics

One of the big draws of Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game is the ability to portray the actual heroes from the pages of someone’s favourite serial instead of creating their own tights-wearing do-gooder. That’s also true for this expansion, which will include stats for playing Carnage, Chasm, Madame Web, Spider-Ham and Spider-Man Noir, among the likely deep, deep roster of Spider-People.

The Spider-Verse Expansion will hit online retail and hobby store shelves in summer of 2024, so you have some time yet to watch Across the Spider-Verse for the first (or fifth) time and get your head around canon events and what exactly is going on in the universe where everyone is a car.

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