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X-Men expansion announced for upcoming Marvel tabletop roleplaying game

An X-tra ordinary addition.

An expansion focused on the X-Men has been announced for the brand-new Marvel tabletop roleplaying game.

Marvel has announced the release of the Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game: X-Men Expansion, a complete sourcebook themed entirely around the super-powered mutants. The X-Men and mutants are a collection of characters who each have a unique ability they’ve acquired via genetic mutation. The X-Men and mutants have appeared in numerous Marvel Comic series, as well as multiple films – from the original X-Men trilogy of films to the Deadpool films – and animated series, such as the beloved ‘90s X-Men: The Animated Series.

The X-Men Expansion will be designed for the upcoming RPG that takes place within the Marvel Comic-book Universe and will provide players with a collection of character profiles, presumably inspired by – or directly based on – members of mutant society. Though Marvel has not listed specific names, the featured character profiles will include characters from X-Force – a group that appeared in Deadpool 2 - the New Mutants, which received a film adaptation in 2020, and Marauders: a team of mutants under the command of X-Men villain Mister Sinister.

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Besides the character profiles, the tabletop RPG expansion will include history and information on mutants, as well as guidance on how to play as one and run campaigns featuring them. The X-Men Expansion will contain maps and summaries on several key locations from X-Men past, such as the Xavier Institute, Krakoa – a sentient island attached to the Marauders – and Arakko, a sister island to Karakoa. The sourcebook will feature a selection of adventures as well as mutant aspects for game masters to add into their campaigns.

The Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game is an upcoming roleplaying game designed by Matt Forbeck, and is based on the Marvel Comic-book Universe. Set to arrive this summer, the RPG will enable players to control various beloved super-hero characters – such as Spider-Man, Black Widow and the Fantastic Four – or create their own based on an existing character or purely the player’s imagination.

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The TRPG’s gameplay is built on the s616 system and has players using three six-sided dice to roll to perform their various abilities or use their character’s skills. Whenever the player characters attempt to overcome an obstacle, they will need to acquire a result – plus their various modifiers - that exceeds the target number chosen by the GM. Players will also roll a special Marvel die, whose result can spell either great success or great failure, depending on the character.

The Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game: X-Men Expansion is slated for a 2024 release, with the core rulebook for the RPG arriving in June this year.

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