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Mass Effect co-op board game will see players battling Cerberus as Shepard, Tali, Garrus, Liara and Wrex

Co-designed by creator of Blood Rage.

Promo image for Mass Effect the Board Game - Priority: Hagalaz.
Image credit: EA, Bioware, Modiphius

A board game based on the video game series Mass Effect will have players becoming members of the SSV Normandy crew battling Cerberus.

Mass Effect is a franchise set in an original universe in which humanity becomes part of an intergalactic society populated by various alien species.

Beginning with the release of the original roleplaying video game in 2007, which was developed by Bioware, the first Mass Effect trilogy has players becoming Commander Shepard - a human who finds themselves investigating a plot that could spell the end of the entire universe. Along the way, players meet a cast of characters from a variety of different backgrounds and species, whom they can recruit to their mission and build relationships with.

Beyond the three video games from the original trilogy, the Mass Effect franchise also features an additional video game - Mass Effect Andromeda - as well as a number of comic book series, novels and an animated film called Mass Effect: Paragon Lost. The original trilogy was re-released in 2021 by EA as Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

An image of Garrus from Mass Effect Legendary Edition.
Image credit: EA, Bioware

Mass Effect the Board Game - Priority Hagalaz is an upcoming board game that will take place during the events of Mass Effect 3. In the game, players will take the roles of either male or female Shepard, Asari biotic Liara, Turian soldier Garrus, Krogan leader Wrex or Quarian technician Tali, as they embark on a mission on the planet Hagalaz - which is the world the Shadow Broker’s ship orbits during the Liar of the Shadow Broker downloadable content released for Mass Effect 2.

In the midst of the Reaper invasion, Shepard and their crew investigate reports of a Cerberus ship crashing during a storm on Hagalaz, in an entirely new mission not found in the video games. In hopes of acquiring more information, resources and assistance with which to fight off the terrifying Reapers - as well as shut down the immoral efforts of the Cerberus organisation - players will need to explore Hagalaz and face its many dangers: both Cerberus and non-Cerberus alike.

During the co-op game for one to four players, the group can experience a narrative-driven campaign that will enable players to explore different storylines and outcomes depending on their choices. As their chosen characters, players can upgrade their unique abilities by spending the experience points they gain, as well as unlock new powers through optional loyalty missions. The group can also improve their various pieces of equipment and weapons as they advance through the campaign.

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According to the game’s publisher, Modiphius, the narrative choices made by players will have consequences further down the line, with there being potential for multiple playthroughs resulting in never-before-seen experiences.

Mass Effect the Board Game - Priority: Hagalaz was co-created by Eric Lang, the creator behind board games such as Blood Rage and Rising Sun, and Calvin Wong Tze Loon, whose previous tabletop title was 2022’s Lands of Galzyr.

Besides Mass Effect the Board Game - Priority: Hagalaz, Modiphius is also responsible for publishing various tabletop roleplaying games such as Dune - Adventures in the Imperium and miniature wargames like Fallout: Factions. The Mass Effect board game will be released via Asmodee.

The release date for Mass Effect the Board Game - Priority: Hagalaz is set for sometime later this year.

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