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Redwall-esque RPG Mausritter is squeaking onto Kickstarter with a new box set and adventure collection

A whisker away.

Indie RPG Mausritter is launching a Kickstarter next month with a revamped starter set and a new collection of adventures for the gorgeous “sword-and-whiskers” roleplaying game.

Created by designer-illustrator Isaac Williams, Mausritter puts players in the paws of a party of mice as they venture out from their home to explore a pastoral setting with elements of classic fantasy and magic.

Mausritter roleplaying game

The game was originally released in late 2019 as a short zine built on the simplified rules of OSR RPG Into the Odd, with that title’s early D&D-inspired ruleset transplanted into a Redwall-esque world of animals in which Williams had been running a home session.

An expanded rulebook and boxed starter set followed in 2020, featuring additional rules for both players and the GM covering aspects such as factions within the world and custom adventure creation, as well as tokens used for Mausritter’s item system, which sees players filling squares in their character’s inventory and equipment slots with physical tiles - the size of the tile dictates how much space in item takes up. The revised edition also included a one-page introductory adventure set in the region of Stumpsville.

Mausritter roleplaying game

Mausritter’s gameplay involves rolling a single d20 against characters’ three core traits of strength, dexterity and will, with a result under the given stat signifying success. Character creation is similarly simple, with the option to use the game’s online character creator to instantly generate a ready-to-play mouse complete with a fantastic name, narrative background and starting equipment.

The game’s inventive magic system requires characters to perform various rituals to recharge each of 15 spells, including the charming (and arguably essential) instruction to “Give a cat a gift it truly desires”.

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Williams announced that a revised box set featuring refreshed artwork will launch on Kickstarter on August 10th, marking the RPG's return to print after last year's limited physical release.

The starter set will be available alongside a new adventure collection containing a set of modular scenarios that can be played as standalone sessions, combined into a connected campaign or easily dropped into players’ own settings and campaigns. Prices and release dates for the box set and adventure collection are yet to be confirmed.

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