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Mean Girls is getting a party board game, releasing on a date that isn’t October 3rd

That’s so fetch.

Comedy movie classic and fount of endlessly quotable memes Mean Girls is being turned into a party game.

Based on the 2004 Lindsay Lohan-starring, Tina Fey-penned film about high school cliques - itself adapted from the novel Queen Bees and Wannabes - Mean Girls: The Party Game takes inspiration from the Burn Book, the tome of gossip, rumours, secrets and hearsay wielded by Regina George and the Plastics against fellow students and teachers.

Players take it in turns to anonymously write answers to a variety of questions about their friends, ranging from the innocuous to the potentially inflammatory. Examples include “What word (or phrase) do they use too much?” and “What would they delete first from their internet history?”

In an effort to avoid people writing genuinely mean things about each other, each round gives every player the chance to find out who wrote a particular answer about them, while points are scored to determine a winner at the end.

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Behind the game is Big Potato, the UK party game maker that’s previously released Obama Llama, The Chameleon, Colour Brain and the similarly film-focused trivia game Blockbuster.

Mean Girls: The Party Game will be released in August - that is, not October 3rd - costing £22. You can play with four to eight people, although that number can apparently be increased by adding more question cards. Depends how many friends you want to potentially lose in an evening, I suppose.

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