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Mario Kart, F-Zero and Speed Racer inspired this futuristic racing board game

Get your Megapulse racing.

Drift around a high-speed circuit in an upcoming board game inspired by the likes of Mario Kart, racing video game series F-Zero and the Wachowski sisters’ film Speed Racer, called Megapulse.

Set in a futuristic world that’s controlled by the Dictate, players find themselves as exiles attempting to flee across the galaxy. However, in order to make their escape, players will need to collect enough money in order to pay for the hyperdrive they need to travel far enough. To acquire this money, players enter into Sub-G Racing, a dangerous sport that involves low-gravity high-speed racing, with the winners getting their hands on both money and freedom.

A racing sports board game for two to four players, Megapulse sees competitors attempting to outrun their opponents on a modular track by playing action cards from their hands. At the beginning of the game, players are able to create a track by either using the track booklet provided or by creating their own - including special tiles that contain harder curves for players to race around or optional shortcuts. Players can then select a pilot and hovercar of their choice, with each pilot having their own unique ability and every hovercar offering players a different playstyle.

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Once they are ready, the racers must simultaneously decide which cards they want to play in order to move across the track, before revealing them to the entire group. Players will have to think carefully about which cards they want to play, considering what their opponents might choose to do at the same time. When they have revealed, players then take turns to carry out their chosen actions - which could be things like catching up with opponents, drifting or even deploying weapons such as bombs or missiles - with players able to gain upgrade cards along the way. Using their newly acquired upgrade cards, players can alter how their hovercar works, potentially giving them an advantage in the game.

Whichever player successfully crosses the finish line first is named the winner of the game.

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Megapulse was co-created by Samuel E. Desjardins and Nicolas Fournier, with this being the duo’s debut tabletop game design. The racing game is also the debut title from its publisher, Orion Games, which was founded by Fournier.

The Kickstarter campaign for Megapulse is live until December 2nd, with a pledge of CA$61 (£37/$49) getting backers a copy of the core game that’s set to arrive in April 2023.

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