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Some of Games Workshop’s classic Lord of the Rings miniatures are back, but only for a week

Precious time.

A selection of classic miniatures from Games Workshop’s Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game - or “Lord of the Rings Warhammer”, as it’s sometimes better known - are making a return for a limited time.

The models were originally announced to be returning for recent Middle-earth SBG expansion Quest of the Ringbearer, a 128-page supplement that adapts the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy into a 28-scenario narrative campaign that follows the Fellowship’s journey from Shire to Mount Doom.

The campaign book includes rules for the outcome of battles to affect future scenarios, including the impact of injuries and death suffered by heroes. Scenarios include both larger-scale battles and smaller skirmishes, with the option to create a custom Fellowship that differs from the nine companions in JRR Tolkien’s epic. (Faramir instead of Boromir? Yes please.)

The metal miniatures have been selected to reflect a number of scenarios in the expansion - and, as such, depicted in Tolkien’s books and their respective movie adaptations. The sets include the showdown at Amon Hen between Uruk-hai leader Lurtz, Boromir (who, spoiler, is suffering from severe chest pains courtesy of three arrows) and Aragorn; two variants of the Moria Cave Troll; Frodo and Sam clad in orc armour; a mounted Arwen carrying Frodo to Rivendell after the encounter at Weathertop - pursued by the Witch-king of Angmar - and more.

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A limited number of the classic miniatures were first announced to be available, before Games Workshop announced that the models would instead be offered via its Made to Order programme - meaning that stock will no longer be limited, but the figures will only be possible to purchase for one week. The selection will be on offer until 6pm GMT on January 31st - this Sunday.

The sets are available individually or, if you’re after the lot, you can grab them all for £178. As with other Made to Order releases, the miniatures will arrive with buyers within the next 180 days.

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