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Star Wars TRPG studio unveils trailer for new edition of Midnight RPG

Midnight will now use the D20 system.

A new roleplaying game edition from the publisher behind the official Star Wars TRPGs – Edge Studio - has received a new trailer.

Midnight: Legacy of Darkness is the latest edition of an RPG that originally used the Dungeons & Dragons gameplay system. The upcoming roleplaying game – which was initially announced in February – has gotten a fresh trailer revealing more details about the third edition of Midnight. The trailer outlines what players can expect from Legacy of Darkness, whose core rulebook will contain 372 pages of content for game masters and players to get their hands on.

Within the 372 pages of the Legacy of Darkness rulebook readers will find a Heroic Path System that will enable them to experience the fantasy roleplaying game in an accessible fashion. When creating their characters, players will be able to choose from 13 new playable species options, on top of the six existing playable species already included in Midnight such as halflings, dwarves and orcs. Alongside the new species options, players will have access to a selection of new feats and spells to gift their character. As well as the new options, Legacy of Darkness will come with a detailed outline of the world of Midnight and provide both GMs and players with everything they need to know.

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The new trailer for Midnight: Legacy of Darkness.

Unlike the original Midnight tabletop RPG – which was published by Fantasy Flight Games, the company responsible for releasing horror board game Eldritch Horror – that was released in 2003, Legacy of Darkness uses the D20 gameplay system, a spin-off system from D&D publisher Wizards of the Coast that was initially developed for Dungeons & Dragons 3E. The majority of the rules for the D20 system were released under an open game licence, meaning that companies outside of Wizards of the Coast are able to publish RPGs using the gameplay system.

Besides publishing Midnight: Legacy of Darkness and several Star Wars TRPGs – including Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion and Force and Destiny – Edge Studios is also responsible for putting out the Legend of the Five Rings roleplaying game, based on the now defunct living card game, and horror RPG The End of the World.

An image of the rulebook for Midnight: Legacy of Darkness

Midnight is a tabletop roleplaying game set within a fantasy world called Eredane. Populated by many classic western-fantasy-species, such as elves and dwarves, Eredane was conquered by a dark god called Izrador and is now held under the iron grasp of the Church of the Shadow. Humans are controlled by the Church of Shadow, whilst other species are hunted down and captured or killed. As a party of characters in Eredane, the players will be fighting against the oppression of the Church of Shadows and attempting to free themselves and others.

The rulebook for Midnight: Legacy of Shadow is set to be released on May 27th at a retail price of $55 (£45).

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