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Sanderson’s Mistborn book series to be made into a deckbuilding game like Dominion

If you fancy some Allomancy.

Artwork for the Mistborn Deckbuilding Game.
Image credit: Brotherwise Games, Dragonsteel Entertainment

The Mistborn book series written by Brandon Sanderson is getting turned into a deckbuilding board game that will be along the lines of Dominion.

Originally released in 2006, The Final Empire is the first book in the Mistborn series by Sanderson. Taking place in a fictional world in which society has been divided into two distinct groups – Skaa and Nobility – the initial trilogy sees a woman called Vin discover she is Mistborn, meaning that she can consume metals to perform various incredible Allomancy feats, before embarking on a mission to overthrow the corrupt government. In subsequent books, the initial conflict widens to include a world-ending threat that Vin, as well as her partner and friends, must prevent.

A spin-off book series, beginning with The Alloy of Law in 2011, takes place in the same setting but 300 years after the end of the last book in the previous trilogy. Called the Wax and Wayne series, this spin-off features a 20th century inspired steampunk world in which an investigator, Waxillium Ladrian, attempts to uncover the truth behind several mysteries using his powers as a Twinborn, or someone who has an Allomantic and Feruchemical ability – which is similar to Allomancy but has the user store the metal inside themselves to be used to perform a much more powerful feat at a later time. The Wax and Wayne series currently has a total of four books, with the most recent having been released in 2022.

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The Mistborn Deckbuilding Game is an upcoming board game that is based on the Mistborn series. In the game, players will be able to take control of characters from the Mistborn franchise for the “very first time.” With these characters, players will engage in Allomantic battles – or fights between characters with Allomantic abilities. Players will be able to choose from characters from Era One of the Mistborn series, which includes the initial trilogy of books.

As in deckbuilding games such as Dominion, Ascension and Shards of Infinity, the Mistborn Deckbuilding Game will have players ‘purchasing’ cards to add to their deck with the aim of customising and improving it in order to defeat their opponent/s. Players will need to burn metals, like an Allomancer, in order to perform certain abilities found on their cards, with the title set to feature four pairs of metals. Cards themselves can be ‘burned’ in order to power up cards containing metals that are ‘paired’ to it – which is a concept from the Mistborn series – such as Brass and Zinc.

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The Mistborn Deckbuilding Game was created by John D Clair, the designer behind titles such as Mystic Vale, Space Base and Dead Reckoning. Brotherwise Games is the co-publisher responsible for releasing the Mistborn Deckbuilding Game, with the studio’s previous titles including Boss Monster and Call to Adventure: The Stormlight Archive, alongside Dragonsteel Entertainment.

The Mistborn Deckbuilding Game is set to be released in the second half of 2024.

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