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Try to find the fun in learning about tax with this trivia board game

A taxing experience.

As if we didn’t have enough fun doing our taxes in real life you can now do it in a board game with Mobility Era: Play Your Taxes.

An educational resource designed to promote ‘tax consciousness’ in children, teenagers, young adults and teachers Mobility Era was created by Dr Irina Burlacu, a researcher from Maastricht University in the Netherlands, as a more interactive way of illustrating how tax mechanisms work.

Inspired by the TAXEDU portal, which provides online resources about European tax laws and policies, Dr Burlacu adapted the information and statistics found therein into a game where players answer trivia questions about tax. All players start the game at the age of 11 and after experiencing a variety of pretty major life events such as childbirth, marriage and retirement, eventually end the game at a ripe old age of 99.

Mobility Era has players rolling dice to travel across Europe with the chance to experience ‘geographic mobility’ in up to 41 countries throughout the continent. With every country that players visit, they’ll have the opportunity to challenge themselves and others to answer an exciting trivia question about taxation and national economics, with players free to use the cheat sheet provided if they ever get stuck.

The ultimate goal of Mobility Era is for players to gain the most Happy Points by answering questions correctly and ‘staying healthy’ whilst navigating the various situations they might encounter throughout their life.

Mobility Era was launched earlier this year, and despite its rather unusual subject matter, isn’t the only board game about tax as it joins the prestigous ranks of Audit: The Tax Game and Ax Your Tax.

If you ever had the desire to answer questions about tax statistics then Mobility Era: Play Your Taxes sure scratches that particular itch.

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