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Monikers’ new 330-card expansion promises the “weirdest and best cards” in the party game’s history

CMYK claims this is the cheapest Monikers expansion yet (adjusted for inflation).

Monikers' Monikers-ers expansion box art
Image credit: CMYK

Perennial party game Monikers has announced a new standalone expansion, the cheekily named Monikers-ers, that claims to deliver more of the wacky flavour players have come to expect - only better.

The box will look identical to the several other expansion publisher CMYK has released for Monikers since its original release in 2015, but the company is pitching Monikers-ers as a sort of new entry point into the team-based charades-but-better antics. The cards will be improved, topical, funnier and provide an improved experience without any added gimmicks or novelties.

A press release CMYK sent to Dicebreaker claimed that “in the 4 years (!) since we last released a Monikers set, we've been listening. We've been learning. And we've been testing thousands of preposterous new cards.” The result is a box of 330 cards - standard entry for an expansion - that the company promises is “the weirdest and best cards we’ve ever written”.

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If you’ve never managed to play Monikers, you’re missing out on one of the best party games for big groups currently available. Like charades, each team has a set amount of time (one minute here) to guess as many of the clues as possible from the designated clue-giver. The twist: every round imposes new limitations on the clue-giver, from saying only one word to only using gestures, etc.

Teams will develop a short-hand very quickly, using in-jokes, silly references and gaffs from the previous round to blaze through the next. It’s hilarious and welcoming to those whose brains aren’t lockboxes of random facts - Trivia Pursuit this is not.

Monikers-ers is now available to purchase online, through local game stores and in larger retail locations. In a bit of gallows humour, CMYK boasts this is the least expensive the company has produced, “adjusted for inflation”. Read more about CMYK's other titles, like the furry jenga offshoot The Fuzzies, on Dicebreaker.

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