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Wavelength and Monikers creators’ next game is a fuzzy spin on Jenga

Balls out.

Fashion a tower of finicky fluffballs in The Fuzzies, a dexterity game from the creators of party hits Wavelength and Monikers: Wolfgang Warsch, Alex Hague and Justin Vickers.

The Fuzzies is akin to classic dexterity game Jenga, in that players must take turns to move pieces of tower without it collapsing.

In place of Jenga’s iconic wooden blocks, however, the upcoming game for two to four players is instead played using furry little balls - the titular Fuzzies, if you will - that can stick together to create strange-looking constructions. While the structure is initially built into a recognisable tower shape, players gradually rearrange it into something entirely different.

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Every turn, the active player draws a card indicating the colour of ball they must move. They then take a matching Fuzzy using a pair of tweezers, or their fingers, and delicately - preferably - extract it and place it anywhere else on the tower. Unlike Jenga, the player does not need to place the piece directly on top of the others, just wherever it’ll stick.

Not only does the card drawn determine what colour of Fuzzy must be moved, it can also display various challenges that the active player must complete. Possible objectives include placing the ball at the highest point of the tower, holding a hand over one eye whilst doing it, using your non-dominant hand and many others.

Should any player drop their ball or break any of the game’s rules on transporting Fuzzies, they have failed the challenge and must take additional cards. If any player accidentally topples the tower - or does it on purpose, if they wish - they lose the game and all the other players win.

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The creative team behind The Fuzzies first worked together on last year’s debate-spurring party game Wavelength. Independently, Warsch is known for social co-op card game The Mind and bag-building push-your-luck game The Quacks of Quedlinburg - a favourite of Dicebreaker’s own Lolies. Hague and Vickers, meanwhile, are the co-creators of charades-meets-Celebrities/Taboo guessing game Monikers.

The art for The Fuzzies is by Beetroot, a design company that’s previously worked alongside environmental charity Greenpeace and the tech website Wired.

The Fuzzies is currently up on Kickstarter until August 21st, with a pledge of $19 (£15) getting a copy of the core game estimated to arrive this December.

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