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Fall Guys Monopoly board features an actual obstacle course

Beans making bank.

A new edition of Monopoly based on the popular video game Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout has been released.

Featuring imagery from the multiplayer video game about navigating obstacle courses, Monopoly: Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Edition sees two to four players attempting to earn as much currency as possible. Whilst the original version of the family board game has players gathering money, Fall Guys Monopoly challenges players to collect as much of the video game’s purple kudos currency as possible, whether by charging rent or by getting lucky with the game’s various board events.

Players will need to make their way around the board in order to purchase properties, or rounds, all while attempting to avoid landing on any spaces owned by their opponents. Alongside the potential rent traps, players will also want to dodge the various obstacles that will appear across the board whenever a player activates them. At the start of every player’s turn they roll the knockout die, with the result determining what random event will happen. Random events in Fall Guys Monopoly can be things like collecting more kudos, moving other players and activating certain obstacles.

Obstacles in the video game board game include the likes of the beloved Big Yeetus – an enormous hammer that knocks player pieces over – the moving wall and see-saw style obstacles that can launch player’s pieces across the board. Making it past Go will grant players a coveted crown, with each one collected granting the player 10,000 kudo points at the end of the game. Whichever player has the most kudos points is named the winner.

Monopoly: Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Edition is set to be released by Hasbro, a board game publishing giant – which owns several tabletop gaming studios including Dungeons & Dragons publisher Wizards of the Coast - that is responsible for releasing various editions of Monopoly, as well as other classic games like Cluedo/Clue and Yahtzee.

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Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout is a video game that has players competing against each other in a series of online rounds, whose goals can vary from navigating a simple obstacle course to working with a team of other players to collect the most eggs. At the end of each round, whichever players did not fulfill the requirements in time are knocked out of the game, with all successful players continuing until the final round where only one player can win. Mediatonic is the developer behind Fall Guys, with Epic Games - the studio behind Fortnite – being the game’s publisher.

Monopoly: Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Edition is available now for a retail release price of $27 (£23). If you're keen to get stuck in, remember to check-out our guide to playing and winning Monopoly.

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