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Moonrollers is a new, risky dice game from Mythic Mischief makers

Set in the same tabletop universe as Moonrakers, this push-your-luck dice game searches for the perfect crew.

Moonrollers, a dice game from the makers of Moonrakers and Mythic Mischief
Image credit: IV Games

The studio behind Mythic Mischief just launched a crowdfunding campaign for a dice game set in the same universe as its science-fiction shipbuilding title, Moonrakers. A bit smaller, tighter and better for traveling, Moonrollers carries a similar visual style and competitive negotiation tactics.

Moonrollers is a standalone board game for two to five players that puts them in the shoes of spacefaring captains hoping to recruit the best mates possible for their prestigious crew. Each roll of the dice will hopefully give players the material and collateral the need to clinch a contract with prospective hires while also encouraging their opponents to bet it all on one more throw.

Each turn begins by rolling five dice, which will generate coloured cubes that can then be invested with potential contracts. Players must fulfil a hire’s requirements on the same turn to hire them. They might also decide to fulfil a contract and earn victory points (important for winning the game) and hazard tokens that award bonus points during final scoring for all but the player with the most tokens. That’s the full gist - roll dice, assign resources, gain VP and hazards from contracts and try not to be the captain who risked too much.

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So, what about that risk element? After committing matching dice to a potential hire, a player may continue rolling their remaining dice to clinch the requirements left unfulfilled. But if they come up empty and the dice show no matching pips, they lose all of their progress on that crew card. At any moment they can stop rolling and save their progress via tokens.

Moonrollers ends as soon as a player accrues either three crew members from the same faction or one member from each of the various factions are represented on their ship. Players must gauge their crew strategy, contract hazards and just how lucky they feel about that next roll of the dice. Caution is for losers, but too much recklessness will earn that captain a rotten reputation.

The Backerkit campaign for Moonrollers is now active and will run through December 11th. Production will begin in February 2024, and IV Games expects fulfilment to backers will commence in June. A separate retail release is in the works after initial crowdfunding wraps up.

Cards and dice from Moonrollers board games
Image credit: IV Games

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