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Hook up with ghosts and ghouls in horror romance RPG Motel Spooky-Nine

Dalliances with demons.

Visit a haunted hotel in search of love in Motel Spooky-Nine, a horror roleplaying game about meeting and romancing the paranormal.

A solo RPG - meaning that it’s a game designed for just one player, without any games master - Motel Spooky-Nine invites players to come stay at a leisure resort that caters to a rather unusual client base. Containing all sorts of attractive amenities, such as karaoke machines and summoning circles, Motel Spooky-Nine is home to a variety of different supernatural, paranormal and mythological patrons who might be interested in some summer-loving.

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Motel Spooky-Nine is played using a journal or diary alongside dice and deck of cards, with each card representing a different potential encounter that the player could have with one of the hotel guests. The RPG is designed for adults-only and contains content that alludes to situations involving intimate acts between consenting adults, as such players are encouraged to check through the game’s scenario table to ensure that they are comfortable with everything the game has to offer. Anything that players are not comfortable with can be crossed out or re-written before the game begins, otherwise players can re-roll their results during gameplay.

Players can choose to use the game’s set of special dice - which propose the different interactions the player could have with the target of their affections - or can use a set of normal D6 with the tables included. There is no win condition in Motel Spooky-Nine, instead, players are encouraged to explore the scenarios that the game offers and enjoy their time at the hotel.

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Motel Spooky-Nine was created by Jam, the designer of roleplaying games such as Sprouts - or Sticky Papers Rolling Over & Under Tricky Situations - a tabletop RPG title that has players drawing their own little creatures and physically moving them to simulate what’s happening in the game.

The roleplaying game is currently available on, with players able to back Motel Spooky-Nine via Itchfunding for $13.34 (£9) and get a current version of the downloadable PDF - as well as future versions of the game. Motel Spooky-Nine is currently available at a discounted price of $10 (£7).

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