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Aliens-inspired RPG Mothership gets Hull Breach anthology book

Featuring slasher stories and hostile aliens.

A new supplementary anthology book called Hull Breach is being released for the sci-fi roleplaying game Mothership.

Including over 200 pages of content designed to be used with first edition Mothership, Hull Breach provides games masters and players with a new collection of adventures, rules and features for the horror RPG. Curated from a network of third party creators who have already released content for Mothership on, Hull Breach contents more than 12 different adventures for GMs to run for their players.

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Dicebreaker have been given an exclusive look at one of the adventures featured in Hull Breach called Vibechete!, which was written by Joel Hines and includes artwork from Sajan Rai. The adventure focuses around the victim of a “corporate-mismanaged construction accident” leading to a once-populated habitat being condemned to the scrapyards. As clueless slasher-film archetypes - such as the prom queen/king and old money family black sheep - the players suddenly find themselves prey to a bitter and angry killer who wants revenge for what was taken from them.

Also featured in Hull Breach is a roster of brand new hostile alien creatures and human enemies for GMs to use to spice-up their roleplaying game sessions. Advice and tips intended to help GMs better craft and run their games is included within Hull Breach, alongside new mechanics, campaign frames and system hacks to be used with Mothership.

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Inspired by the likes of Aliens, Event Horizon and Dead Space, Mothership is a Ennie Award winning - the highest honour an RPG can achieve - rules-light RPG created by Sean McCoy, that sees players taking on different roles in a team of people exploring distant planets that each hide something terrible within. Players use a d100 to determine whether their character is capable of achieving the task at hand or whether they’re destined to panic and fail. The GM or warden uses a control panel style ruleset to decide what happens to the player characters, with the players able to create new characters quickly - just in case their previous one suffered a dreadful fate.

The Kickstarter campaign for Hull Breach Vol.1 is currently live until February 3rd, with a pledge of $45 (£34) getting backers a physical copy of the book in September 2022. Alternatively, a digital PDF version of the book is available for a pledge of $25 (£19).

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