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Movie Movie Game turns the popular YouTube series into a tabletop party experience

The first game from The Valleyfolk.

Combine two film titles together and baffle players in the Movie Movie Game, a tabletop version of the YouTube series hosted by The Valleyfolk.

The Movie Movie Game sees two or more players attempting to guess the correct mashed-up film titles as quickly as they possibly can. A party board game, the Movie Movie Game provides players with 300 cards showing the title of two films that have been combined together to create a hypothetical crossover production. Alongside its imaginary title is a comedic description of the film, which may contain story or character details combined together into one bizarre narrative.

For example, one of the possible film mashups could be called Saving Private RyAnnihailation, with the plotline being described as: “A WWII captain leads his men behind the lines of the shimmer, only to be confronted by a super weird zombie bear.”

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One player - known as the director - reads the film’s description to the player on their left, who must then attempt to guess what they think the movie mashup might be called. If they’re struggling to guess, the director may provide one of the two hints on their card. However, a point is taken off the guessing player’s possible five-point win if they ask for a hint. The first player to successfully reach at least 20 points is named the winner of the Movie Movie Game.

Other ways to play the game include running lighting rounds in which players take turns as the game’s director and the others attempt to guess the most titles before everyone else, or forming teams of two and seeing which pair can guess the most correct answers during the course of the game. Also featured in the Kickstarter campaign for the game are two expansion packs for mashups of movies and video games, alongside cards combining movies with television shows.

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The Movie Movie Game YouTube series that the upcoming tabletop title is based on sees comedy group The Valleyfolk bringing in various guests to play a game where they attempt to guess the name of a mashed-up film title from a description of its plotline. The series started in 2018, with episodes themed around horror, Christmas, Disney and musicals being released since it first premiered.

The Kickstarter campaign for the Movie Movie Game is live until December 13th, with a pledge of $20 (£16) getting backers a copy of the core game set to be released in November 2021. The Kickstarter description also hints at the possibility of more board games coming from The Valleyfolk YouTube channel.

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