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Munchkin Batman features The Dark Knight, The Joker and more

Equip this cape to become the night.

A new version of the popular Dungeons & Dragons inspired board game Munchkin, features characters from the Batman universe.

Munchkin Presents Batman is an upcoming board game based on the world of the caped crusader, with players becoming heroes and villains from across the Batman comic books, films and television series. Whereas the original Munchkin took inspiration from the various tropes found in the tabletop RPG series Dungeons & Dragons, Munchkin Presents Batman borrows aspects from the Batman universe wholesale, including playable characters such as the anti-hero Catwoman; the villainous Penguin and the clown prince of crime himself - The Joker.

Alongside the various playable characters, players will also have access to items and pieces of equipment based on aspects of the Batman comics, films and television series, from allies like Commissioner Gordon – Batman's inside man in the Gotham police department - and even the Caped Crusader and the Boy Wonder themselves. As well as ‘good’ characters, players may also encounter various criminals from Gotham’s underworld, including Bane; the terrifying Scarecrow and Joker’s sidekick Harley Quinn. The board game will feature over 250 cards, alongside a board containing different locations from across Gotham City and standees for all the player characters.

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Munchkin Presents Batman was created by Steve Jackson, the designer behind the original Munchkin and its many spin-off titles such as Munchkin Cthulhu and Star Munchkin, as well as the quick game Zombie Dice – a game that has players attempting to roll as many brains as they can, whilst avoiding shotgun fire – and the miniatures battle game Car Wars.

The artwork for Munchkin Presents Batman was created by John Kovalic, the illustrator for the original Munchkin and for tabletop titles like the hidden role game Love Letter, party game Apples to Apples and Cash ‘n’ Guns: Second Edition.

Munchkin Presents Batman is set to be co-published by Steve Jackson Games – the studio founded by Steve Jackson and responsible for releasing the Munchkin series – and Cryptozoic Entertainment, a company whose previous releases include other Batman related titles such as DC Comics Deck-Building Game and Love Letter: Batman.

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The original Munchkin was first released in 2001 and sees three to six players attempting to reach level 20 before anyone else does. Players begin each turn by drawing a door card and seeing what kind of opponent they’re facing. Using their various equipment, item and trait cards, players can try to defeat their enemy alone or can request help from their opponents in exchange for part of the reward. Other players can also play cards to make an enemy more dangerous or to otherwise meddle with an opponent’s turn.

A Kickstarter campaign for Munchkin Presents Batman is set to be launched sometime soon, with pledge amounts and estimated delivery dates yet to be revealed.

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