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Munchkin video game coming from studio behind Root Digital

Kick down the digital door.

A video game version of the dungeon-delving game Munchkin is coming from the studio behind Root Digital – Dire Wolf.

Munchkin Digital is set to adapt the fantasy board game about hunting monsters and exploring dungeons into a video game. The upcoming video game will see players venturing into a dungeon in search of enemies to fight in order to gain new levels, with the eventual goal of reaching level 10. Players will be able to equip various cards that will grant them buffs and abilities, such as classes and equipment, that will aid them against the monsters they’ll face along the way.

Munchkin’s signature art-style – created by John Kovalic – is set to be translated to the video game, enabling players to see the likes of the Horny Helmet and the Potted Plant on screen. New players will have the opportunity to learn the ropes through a tutorial, with the online multiplayer enabling players to then challenge their friends remotely. Otherwise, the video game will also come with a solo game mode that will feature challenges with special rules for players to tackle.

A screenshot from the PC version of Munchkin Digital

Munchkin Digital is being co-created between the aforementioned Dire Wolf – which is also responsible for releasing the deckbuilding board game Clank! - and Steve Jackson Games, the company behind the original tabletop version of Munchkin and the dice rolling game Zombie Dice.

The original Munchkin is a dungeon-crawling board game that sees players competing in order to fight monsters, find loot and eventually reach level 10. On a player’s turn, they’ll decide whether to ‘kick down the door’ and face-off against a monster. Players can defeat monsters by using the equipment and abilities they have, with every monster defeated giving players another level increase.

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Should players ever find themselves struggling against a particular monster then they can ask others for help, with their fellow adventurers adding the numbers from their equipment to the current player’s total. However, the current player will have to promise to split any loot they gain from the fight with the players who are aiding them. The current player’s opponents can choose to use cards to make the monster they’re fighting more difficult or to incur penalties on them, either to force them to ask for help or prevent them from defeating the monster.

Munchkin Digital is set to be released on both PC and mobile devices sometime this autumn, with a retail price yet to be confirmed.

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