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TMNT comic writer and artist worked on this mutant-animal roleplaying game

Make some heroes in half-shells.

Play as mutated animals in a tabletop roleplaying game that a writer and artist for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IDW comics – Sophie Campbell - worked on.

Mutants in the Next is a follow-up sourcebook for the sci-fi roleplaying game Mutants in the Now. The sourcebook features a collection of new content for the TPRG such as more playable animals, mutation abilities and enemies to challenge.

The upcoming RPG sourcebook contains over 100 new mutant species for players to choose from such as fresh invertebrates, fish, amphibians and birds, alongside more specific options for existing species such as pugs and long-haired Persian cats. Players will also have the option to take wild mutations throughout their playthroughs, rolling a die and taking whichever options are available to the type of animal mutant they’re playing – leading to some bizarre scenarios such as growing two heads or getting asymmetric limbs.

Artwork for Mutants for the Next sourcebook featuring a team of mutated animal soldiers

A new collection of fighting styles have also been introduced in Mutants in the Next, contributing to familiar fighting styles like boxing and taekwondo with American football or pro-wrestling. Additional psionics – which are telekinetic abilities that certain mutants have – have been included in the sourcebook, as well as a villain in Sal Sidney and the Doom Toons who are aiming to use pop culture to take over the world.

Mutants in the Next is a sourcebook for Mutants in the Now, a tabletop RPG inspired by classic ‘80s and ‘90s TRPGs such as the 1984 Swedish roleplaying game Mutant – which enables players to create their own mutated characters and attempt to survive in a dangerous world – and its eventual 2014 follow-up Mutant Year Zero, a prequel title published by the studio behind Tales from the Loop and the upcoming Blade Runner RPG – Free League Publishing.

Mutants in the Now grants players the opportunity to devise their own mutant/human hybrid characters with unique abilities – thanks to their mutant forms – as well as combat styles, weapons and psionic powers. In the game, players will be teaming up to fight off various threats – from roving gangs to corporate conspirators – and generally survive in a harsh environment.

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Mutants in the Now and Mutants in the Next were both created by Julian Kay, a TRPG designer and author who has previously written for various studios such as Level 99 Games – the company behind the upcoming Dead by Daylight board game – and has designed their own TRPGs like Anarchopunk 2020. Besides the TMNT IDW series, Sophie Campbell has also worked on the Jem and the Holograms comic series. Fábio Fontes – a freelance illustrator and video game creator - and tabletop game designer Will Jobst also worked on Mutants in the Next.

The Kickstarter campaign for Mutants in the Next is live until June 11th, with a pledge of $14 (£12) getting backers a copy of the digital version of the book in October.

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