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Follow in the gruesome footsteps of your forebears in the Frankenstein-inspired horror board game, My Father’s Work

An experimental experience.

Explore the secrets behind a secluded scientific family in My Father’s Work, an upcoming board game with branching narratives and a familiar horror theme.

My Father’s Work is a board game for two to four players set in a large estate in a remote part of the world, wherein a morally-challenged genius once conducted incredible experiments. As the children of that now-dead scientist, the players discover their pioneering parent’s journal and choose to follow in their footsteps to become the most accomplished, and terrifying, scientific mind in the Victorian world. The players’ goal in My Father’s Work is to complete enough of the experiments listed in their parents’ journals before the end of the third generation.

The horror board game takes place across three total generations, during which players must balance their experiments with developing their estate, appeasing the locals and working towards achieving their father’s ultimate goal. At the end of each generation, whatever experiments were completed or resources collected are lost, with the next generation of scientists recovering what they can from their parents’ journals and estates. In a similar fashion to the classic novel Frankenstein, players will have to be careful about the consequences of their experiments, as the local townsfolk can be roused to riot against them if they’re perturbed enough.

My Father's Work board game layout

Throughout the game, players will be faced with a series of narrative choices to make, with their decision changing the course of the playthrough’s story. Each branching path chosen by the players will unlock different sets of mechanics and maps for them to explore, with the game’s publisher - Renegade Game Studios - aiming to have three unique scenarios for players to experience. Whichever player collects the most points by the end of the game is named the winner.

My Father’s Work was created by T. C. Petty III, a game designer who also made the coffee selling title Vivajava: The Coffee Game, as well as its sequel Vivajava: The Coffee Game - The Dice Game, and the deckbuilding game that sees players running their own air separation facilities, Xenon Profiteer.

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Besides My Father’s Work, Renegade Game Studios is otherwise best known for publishing Clank! - the fantasy title about stealing from a dragon’s lair - the North Sea and West Kingdom trilogies, and, more recently, several roleplaying games such as Kids on Bikes and Overlight.

The Kickstarter campaign for My Father’s Work is set to be launched today at 1pm (PT)/9pm (BST), with pledge amounts and a release date yet to be confirmed.


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