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Millennials rejoice! There’s an official Neopets tabletop RPG on the way

Celebrating the game’s 25th anniversary.

Artwork for Neopets Tabletop Roleplaying Game.
Image credit: Geekify, World of Neopia Inc

An official tabletop roleplaying game based on the 1999 website Neopets is on its way.

Neopets is a website that enables players to ‘adopt’ and interact with virtual creatures. When the website first launched, players were able to create their own Neopet, a creature that could be comprised of any number of characteristics like dragon wings, bird beaks and fur. Players could then care for their digital pets within the world of Neotopia: including ensuring they were fed, treating any sickness, playing with them and even customising them with various accessories and clothing.

Players could also interact with other peoples’ Neopets within Neopia by visiting different parts of the virtual world - which were each themed around different vibes like pirates and dinosaurs - to visit shops, play games and ride attractions. Neopets could also battle each other or non-player controlled Neopets within the Battledome, with players able to spend an in-game currency called Neopoints within a living economy shaped by the players.

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The Neopets website is still operating, now under the control of World of Neopia Inc, with players able to adopt and interact with their own virtual pet, as well as the Neopets of other players. Besides the standard Neopets, there are now several other Neopets games such as a match3 style game called Neopets: Faerie’s Hope, Neopets: Tales of Dacardia - a survival exploration title - and a 3D simulation game called World of Neopets.

The official Neopets Tabletop Roleplaying Game - which will be published by Geekify - is set to see the launch of a crowdfunding campaign to celebrate the website’s 25th anniversary this year. The upcoming tabletop roleplaying game will be a dice-driven title in which players primarily use a D20 gameplay system to embark on adventures.

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Unlike many other tabletop RPGs, players will create their characters using a class-less system that focuses on offering feats for players to choose from - which can then be used as skills. Players can explore the world of Neopia and experience the game’s “fun and goofy” gameplay mechanics. Alongside the core rules, various campaign modules will be released for the upcoming RPG: with the first being the Fall of Faerieland.

The crowdfunding campaign for Neopets Tabletop Roleplaying Game will be launching on Kickstarter on May 31st.

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