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Viking video game Northgard heads to Uncharted Lands in board game spin-off

Thor-X strategy.

Hit PC strategy game Northgard has become the latest video game to be turned into a board game.

Northgard: Uncharted Lands is described as being a 4X strategy game - meaning that players will be aiming to expand their civilisation, explore the world, exploit resources and exterminate their opponents during the course of each playthrough.

The gameplay is driven by deckbuilding, as players draw from their personal deck and add an additional action card at the end of each turn to focus their strategy. The cards allow the players to uncover new areas of the map by placing tiles, move their units between regions to claim new land and collect resources in order to purchase buildings and fight with rival units.

Players are looking to amass the most fame over seven rounds, with the potential to claim a ‘sudden death’ victory by constructing three large buildings in closed areas. Resources are spend to boost actions, construct buildings and gain the edge in combat, but must also be used to survive the winter phase of each turn.

Northgard: Uncharted Lands plays with between two and five people, taking around 20 minutes per person to play.

Developed by Shiro Games, the original Northgard puts players in charge of a Viking clan as it develops its settlement. The gameplay involves assigning tasks to various members of the clan in real-time, dealing with the threats posed by nature, harsh winters and more supernatural beings such as undead warriors and giants.

Northgard: Uncharted Lands is live on Kickstarter now, where it’s looking to raise £36,000 by September 1st. As well as the base game, the campaign includes the option to pick up the game’s first expansion, Warchief, which introduces a dedicated leader along with a card and power. The board game is planned to arrive with backers next June.

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