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Evolution spin-off Oceans Lite is now available for free on Android and iOS

Sea of screen.

Create and evolve underwater species on the go with a lighter digital version of Oceans, the aquatic spin-off from 2014 board game Evolution.

Based on the board game released earlier this year, Oceans Lite sees players attempting to develop a species of sea creature capable of surviving the dangerous depths of the underwater world. Players begin the game with a basic creature they can gradually evolve using various trait cards - providing them with protection from predators, or turning them into a vicious carnivore - and grow their population or body size. The better a species of sea creature is, the more food they can gather throughout the game - which amounts to end game points.

The digital board game provides a stripped-back version of the tabletop original, offering a single location - the reef - and a collection of 20 Deep cards. Players can learn how to play the game through a series of tutorial games, before challenging the game’s AI opponent.

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Oceans Lite is initially free-to-play - meaning that it doesn’t cost anything to download, but additional content and features can be unlocked through purchases. However, if players are looking for a stronger opponent then they can pay to upgrade the game’s AI to an intermediate setting. Players can also pay to gain access to the game’s pass-and-play feature, enabling them to compete with other players by passing their device back and forth during the game.

The original tabletop version of Oceans is a board game for two to four players that sees each opponent adapting their various underwater species so that they can survive. Featuring 12 surface cards and 100 cards called The Deep, players gradually evolve and grow their creatures throughout the game - forming species with a collection of unusual traits that mirror those found in real-life underwater creatures.

During the game, players take turns to use their card to produce a supply of food - shared out between all the present species - evolve their creatures or boost their population or size. Whichever player has the most points from food, traits and population size by the end of the game is named the winner.

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Oceans was created by Nick Bentley, Ben Goldman, Brian O'Neill and Dominic Crapuchettes - a co-designer of Evolution and the creator behind party board game, Wits & Wagers.

North Star Games is the publisher behind both the tabletop and digital versions of Oceans, as well as several other games including fast-paced family game Happy Salmon and humorous party board game Say Anything.

Oceans Lite is available to download for free for iOS and Android devices, with the Deep Pack of cards and Pass & Play features requiring players pay $0.99 to access.

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