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Keep an entire RPG character on a bookmark with a handy new OSR supplement

Bookmark your stats.

Create and keep characters for tabletop roleplaying games on a single bookmark with a new supplement for OSR.

Designed to be used with OSR tabletop RPGs – or Old School Essentials, TRPGs that take inspiration from the older editions of titles, such as Dungeons & Dragons, and modernise them – the Bookmark Character Sheet can help players to make and keep characters in a portable form.

Providing a streamlined version of classic character-creation, the bookmark allows players to quickly create their character for their next OSR roleplaying campaign or session. With room for the essentials, the 2-inch wide and 6.5-inch-long bookmark includes spaces for players to write their character’s name, their class and playable species, their moral alignment – if they have one – and their level.

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Located beneath the personal is space to note other aspects of a player’s TRPG character, such as their ability scores – if they’re playing an OSR version of the fantasy RPG D&D, for example – as well as their stats for saving throws. With that are sections for listing equipment, armour, which will affect a character’s AC rating, as well as their general inventory.

On the other side, players will be able to list any necessary notes for their character’s abilities, as well as whatever spells they might have recently prepared. For obvious reasons, it is advisable that players use a pencil to write down information on their Bookmark Character Sheet, so that they can rub-out and rewrite details such as a change in prepared spells.

All of this information will allow players to form a playable character for an OSR tabletop roleplaying game, completely contained in a single bookmark which can be tucked inside a core rulebook or a book of campaign notes. The Bookmark Character Sheet enables players to quickly check their character’s stats, or use it as an easy-to-find reference for whenever they have to perform something like an ability check.

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Found at the bottom of the Bookmark Character Sheet is a Legend Testament that players can use to detail their character’s possible demise in all its graphic detail. OSR TRPGs are known for sometimes being unforgiving on player characters, with the various ways to die being plentiful and ranging from the epic to the banal. The Legend Testament will enable players to remember their characters after their deaths, without the need to keep their characters sheet – as this section can be removed.

The Bookmark Character Sheet was created by Descender, the creator and editor of Fantasy Audio Magazine, an independent publishing group that specialising in providing game masters with music and atmospheric soundscapes to play for their group – including the upcoming Candle III tapezine.

A pledge of $5 (£5) will get backers one sheet of Bookmark Character Sheets in November, with the Kickstarter campaign continuing until September 30th.

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