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Ghost reconciliation is the focus of this RPG supporting suicide prevention

Proceeds donated to National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

Content warning: suicide, depression, anxiety and grief.

Help a ghost achieve reconciliation in an upcoming tabletop roleplaying game about suicide prevention.

One Last Good Day is a tabletop RPG that tackles heavy subjects such as depression, anxiety, suicide and grief with a storyline about a spirit who wants to strike-off regrets from their bucket-list before they can pass on. Released in support of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline – a non-for-profit organisation that provides people suffering from suicidal thoughts with a line of communication – One Lasy Good Day sees players working together to assist the ghost of Dan to figure out which regret is preventing him from peace and ensure that he has a final fantastic day on Earth.

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As friends of Dan, the player characters discover that he continues to exist as a wandering spirit after he took his own life. Over the course of 24 hours, the player characters then proceed to follow a series of leads to help Dan to devise what his unfinished business is and complete it. The players can choose to have varying relationships with Dan – whether they’re a best friend, a rival or even a crush – and will explore their feelings towards the ghost.

One Last Good Day uses the Lighthearted gameplay system, which was introduced in the 1980s inspired roleplaying game Lighthearted. The Lighthearted system sees players creating characters using specific archetypes which define how others see them. With the malfunction system, the characters will be able to perform a combination of both negative and positive actions, with players rolling two dice whenever they attempt to do something with resistance – one die represents a skill and another signifies an emotion that the player character is experiencing.

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There are multiple endings in One Last Good Day depending upon what leads the players chase and how the game master decides to play things out. Either way, the tabletop RPG will end with Dan experiencing reconciliation thanks to the adventures that the player characters take him on. As it tackles some heavy topics and themes, One Last Good Day includes various safety tools such as the X-Card, which players can hold up if they’re ever uncomfortable about where the game is going - to help players and the GM to communicate if they ever feel uncomfortable.

One Last Good Day was written by Kurt Potts – the creator of Lighthearted and Sigils in the Dark – and edited by Will Jobst, with artwork by Minerva Fox.

A PDF version of One Last Good Day will be released via an page on May 10 for $5 (£), with 100% of the proceeds going to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Players require a copy of the Lighthearted Roleplaying game in order to play One Last Good Day.

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