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Subnautica creator makes adventure for dexterity RPG One More Quest

Called Noobnautica.

The designer behind the deep-sea survival video game Subnautica, Charlie Cleveland, has created a scenario for the upcoming roleplaying game One More Quest.

Called Noobnautica, the adventure sees players encountering a strange cult whose goal is to awaken an enormous underwater demi-god sleeping at the bottom of the Baantic Sea. After being hired to take on the dangerous deep-sea mission, the adventuring party boards an impressive submarine to dive into the depths and potentially sabotage the cult’s plans to stir the large aquatic creature from a millennia-long sleep.

The adventure is part of a supplementary book of scenarios players can experience with One More Quest called The Adventures Mixtape, which also includes adventures written by 7 Wonders designer Antoine Bauza; Dungeons & Dragons 5E writer Sarah Madsen; Gareth Hanrahan – who's previously written for the fantasy RPG series Pathfinder – Fiasco designer Jason Morningstar, Cody Faulk, whose prior work includes Warhammer: Age of Sigma – Soulbound, and Matteo Casali, a comic book author who has written for the What If? Marvel series and the Astonishing X-Men.

Subnautica is a video game released in 2014 that has players exploring an open ocean world set on an alien planet in search of whatever they need to survive. Throughout their journey, players will brave the underwater dangers of alien aquatic life, as well as the threat posed by hunger, thirst, depleting health and a lack of readily available oxygen. The video game also has a day and night cycle that affects players’ visibility, making it harder to spot danger before it’s too late. Besides Subnautica, Cleveland is also responsible for designing the multiplayer video games Natural Selection 1 and 2, as well as the board game Vampire: The Masquerade – Vendetta.

One More Quest is an RPG spin-off from the dexterity board game series, Dungeon Fighter, that has players taking on the role of archetypical heroes with unusual methods of adventuring. Set in the odd fantasy world of Middlewhere – which is populated by strange creatures such as manotaurs and shareholder sorcerers – whenever a player wants their character to perform an action that will receive resistance, they must bounce a die onto a target in order to get it as close to its centre as possible. The closer to the centre, the better the result of the action. Certain results on each die will also affect how well a player character performs an action, such as an icon improving the outcome.

Depending on the situation and the action being performed, players may need to bounce their die under certain handicaps, such as throwing from under a table or spinning around and then throwing. The skill that players want to use for their action will also come with its own unique handicap, requiring players to pull off the roll if they want their character to gain the benefit of the skill they’re using. Players will be able to create characters using a variety of different classes, as well as their general personality traits.

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One More Quest was co-created by Lorenzo Silva and Hjalmar Hach, who have previously worked together on the narrative-driven legacy game The King’s Dilemma, as well as the Railroad Ink series. Horrible Guild is the publisher responsible for releasing One More Quest, as well as the board game series the RPG is attached to – Dungeon Fighter.

The Kickstarter campaign for One More Quest – and The Adventures Mixtape book – is live until February 15th, with backers able to get a physical copy of the RPG core book, target board and dice for €55 (£46/$62), estimated to arrive in March 2023. Alternatively, a digital PDF of the core rulebook and The Adventures Mixtape book are available for a pledge of €22 (£19/$24).

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