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Kingdomino designer’s Atlantis-themed board game is getting an English localisation

From the studio behind Machi Koro.

An Atlantis-themed board game co-designed by creator of Kingdomino, Bruno Cathala, is getting an English localisation.

Taking place in a universe wherein the mythical city of Atlantis exists, Orichalcum – originally known as Orichalique – is a board game that has players heading an expedition onto land. As a member of Atlantean society, players will be embarking on a journey to discover a new home for their civilisation. With the dreaded cataclysm event on the horizon, the people of the underwater kingdom must find their salvation elsewhere.

A 4X title board game – meaning that the title focuses on exploration, expansion, exploitation and extermination – Orichalcum has players searching for habitable land for their respective people. However, players will need to make sure that these future homes aren’t in danger of monster-attack, with one of the goals for the players being to eliminate all the creatures currently based on their island.

A layout image of the components for Orichalcum.

The other major goal of Orichalcum is for players to be the first to collect five victory points. There are multiple ways to gather victory points in the fantasy board game such as successfully garnering the attention of the mighty Titans, who will award Atlanteans victory points for their patronage. Another method of gaining victory points is to erect temples in the gods’ honour, providing worship in exchange for intervention.

One final way that players can gain victory points is by successfully forging orichalque medallions. Made from a precious metal that only Atlantes know how to extract, these medallions will give players the upper-hand in the race to be the first person with five victory points and a monster-free island. Players don’t need to necessarily focus all their efforts on one route to victory, instead finding new strategies to success and responding to their opponents’ plans.

Besides co-designing Orichalcum and creating Kingdomino, Cathala is also known for co-creating the two-player board game 7 Wonders: Duel and the part co-op part hidden role board game Shadows Over Camelot. Johannes Goupy is the co-designer of Orichalcum, with their previous credits including the likes of Queenz: To Bee or Not to Bee – which they also co-created with Cathala – and the upcoming Rainforest.

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Pandasaurus is the publisher responsible for releasing the English-language version of Orichalcum – with the original being published by Catch Up Games – a studio that has previously launched titles such as city-building title Machi Koro and Dinosaur Island.

The English-language localised version of Orichalcum is set to be released in Q4 - with a debut taking place at the PAX Unplugged convention, which will take place from December 10th to 12th in Philadelphia, USA. (PAX Unplugged is run by Reedpop, the owner of Dicebreaker.)

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