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Wanderhome studio’s next RPG is a game about ghost families called Our Haunt

A spirited adventure.

Our Haunt, an upcoming roleplaying game about being a household of ghosts, is the next RPG from the publishing company behind Wanderhome.

Based on the Belonging Outside Belonging roleplaying game system - which has been used to create other RPGs such as Sleepaway and Flotsam: Adrift Amongst the Stars - Our Haunt has players collaboratively telling a story about a group of ghosts who are seeking connections within the afterlife. A rules-light RPG, Our Haunt doesn’t feature traditional roleplaying mechanics such as dice-rolling and ability scores, instead players are encouraged to use their imaginations to keep the story flowing onward.

In the game, players collaboratively build their characters together using its six different playbooks, which include personalities such as The Loved - someone who continues to remain in the world because of a lost lover - or The Faceless, a person who has been dead so long that they can’t remember who they once were, there’s even a playbook for the ghost of a cat. Each of the player characters inhabit the same house and seek to uncover past memories, interact with the living, escape from the darkness behind the veil and possibly form bonds of companionship with one another.

Our Haunt RPG artwork

Sessions of Our Haunt can last between two to four hours and can be experienced as either a one-shot or as a longer campaign, with the RPG set to be released as a small paperback book after having been successfully launched on in April 2019.

Our Haunt was created by Jamila R Nedjadi, the founder of Sword Queen Games and the designer behind roleplaying games such as Once More into The Void - a sci-fi RPG which was recently successfully funded on Kickstarter - Balikbayan: Returning Home and Apocalypse Keys, an RPG that is being published by Blades in the Dark studio Evil Hat Productions.

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Apart from Wanderhome and Our Haunt, Possum Creek Games is also known for releasing games such as Wickedness - a three-player RPG about a coven of witches who must save the world - and Venture & Dungeon, a fantasy roleplaying game about being a group of kids who play D&D and go on amazing adventures.

The Kickstarter campaign for Our Haunt is set to launch on October 12th, with the pledge amounts and estimated delivery dates yet to be confirmed.

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