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Novel word game Paperback gets another mobile game version

Definitely a page-swiper.

Another video game version of Paperback, the word deckbuilding game, has been released.

Paperback Vol 2 is a digital board game based on the card game in which players attempt to score the most points possible by creating words using the letters in their hands. An update to the previously released Paperback video game, Vol 2 introduces a large collection of new cards for players to apply their wordsmithing skills to – which they’ll unlock more of as they play.

Besides the new cards, Vol 2 also adds a selection of new modes for players to experience such as a co-op game mode that has players working together against an AI opponent. Vol 2’s AI opponent presents players with an even greater challenge, providing a more advanced AI that’s capable of quickly finding the highest scoring words possible.

A screenshot of the Paperback Vol 2 video game.

On top of this, Paperback Vol 2 includes more expansions like the addition of special cards like the Spacebar card that enables players to create two words in their hand to score more points with, as well as attack cards that instigate more direct conflict between players.

Paperback Vol. 2 is the first adaptation of Paperback to be included on Android devices, with the previous Paperback app only being available for iOS devices. The prequel to Paperback, Hardback, was adapted for Android and iOS devices and has players becoming aspiring 19th century novelists who are trying to create their masterpiece and earn prestige. Hardback enables players to shape their decks around certain card combos, as well as press their luck in order to draw more cards.

The original Paperback app was released on the Apple Store in 2016 and adapted the deckbuilding game into a video game version that players can challenge their friends to online. Featuring both multiplayer and single-player modes, the digital version of Paperback translated the tabletop original’s gameplay into a video game, as well as its distinctive art style and general premise.

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Paperback is a card game for two to five players that has people becoming rival authors attempting to finish their respective novels to hand to their editors. Throughout the game, players will be creating words designed to fit into various novel genres – from science fiction to romance – using as many high scoring letters as possible. Combing certain letters in their hand will enable players to collect more points for their words, therefore allowing them to gain more powerful letters to use in their decks. Letters also have special abilities attached to them that grant players benefits when they’re used to create words. Whichever player scores the most points by the end of the game is named the winner.

Tim Fowers is the designer behind Paperback – alongside titles such as Burgle Bros and its sequel – with the tabletop original being published by Fowers Games, also the studio responsible for Paperback Vol 2.

Players can download Paperback Vol 2 on their Android devices for £4.59 ($5.78) or their iOS devices £4.59 ($5.78) for $4.99 (£3.96).

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