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Peter Pan board game sees players searching for lost children in Neverland

From the creator of Treasure Island board game.

A board game adaptation of the classic Peter Pan story will see players working together to search for lost children in Neverland.

Based on the fictional children's character created by J M Barrie – who has also appeared in various film adaptations such as Disney’s Peter Pan and Steven Spielberg’s Hook - Peter Pan is an upcoming board game that has players trying to save the lost children who are scattered across the island of Neverland. (Thanks BoardGameGeek.)

As various notable characters from Peter Pan’s history including Wendy, Tinker Bell and the boy who couldn’t grow up himself, players must embark on a quest across Neverland to hunt for the lost children before they’re found and captured by the dreaded Captain Hook. Each playable character has their own special ability that can help them discover the location of the various missing children, with players needing to work together and share information.

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The co-op board game begins with each player hiding a pirate and a lost child in Neverland, with those players then gradually sharing information on the location of their child using clue cards. Whilst players want the others to find their lost child, they don’t want them to accidentally discover the pirates – meaning that players will want to give clues to help them to avoid those areas. Whenever a clue card is given to another player, they place it on their board to indicate how close it is to the right location in an order of “exactly” close and “not at all”.

Players will then need to use the clues they’ve received to move across the island to find the right areas and discover the lost children. The group wins the game if they’re able to find all the lost children. However, the players lose if two pirates are encountered during the game. Players can experience the family board game in new ways by rolling a die – which decides the new layout of the island – and adding new rules. Depending on how well players performed in the game, they will be able to tackle the game again with new characters to help or to make things more challenging.

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Peter Pan was designed by Marc Paquin, the creator behind another board game about searching for things called Treasure Island – wherein players are hunting for Long John Silver’s riches – and the co-creator of the ship placement game Yamatai.

Matagot is the studio behind Peter Pan, with the company having previously worked with Paquin on Treasure Island and released other notable tabletop titles like the Ancient Egyptian-themed wargame Kemet.

Peter Pan is set to be released sometime later this year at a retail price of $48 ($58).

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