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Pictionary VS AI has players drawing for an artificial intelligence

Who needs other humans?

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A new version of the classic board game Pictionary will see players drawing for an AI program.

Pictionary is a family board game in which players must attempt to draw clues to help players guess various words. Each player will have a series of words that they’ll earn points for if they’ll able to get the other players to correctly guess them. On their turn, players will have a limited amount of time in which to draw their clues, with every correctly guessed clue earning them points. Whichever player has the most points by the end of the game is named the winner.

The latest version of Pictionary sees the guessing players being replaced by an AI program. In Pictionary vs AI, players will take it in turns to draw their words for an artificial intelligence program to guess. Using a web app, players will be able to use their mobile or tablet to scan the images they draw.

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The app’s AI program is based on Google’s own Quick, Draw! artificial intelligence that has apparently been trained to recognise images by having various people’s sketches be submitted to it. Using the knowledge it has gained from others’ drawings, it will then apply its data to attempt to guess players’ drawings within the allotted time.

With Pictionary vs AI, players could be able to experience the classic party board game Pictionary as a solo game, without the need for other players. There will also be challenge modes players can attempt such as drawing with their eyes closed or with no hands. It is not confirmed exactly how accurate the Pictionary AI program is, with the board game costing players more than $20 despite the majority of the gameplay taking place via a web app.

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Mattle is the publisher responsible for releasing Pictionary vs AI, with the company being best known for releasing toy lines such as Barbie, as well as tabletop titles such as card game Uno and family game Kerplunk!.

Pictionary vs AI will be available for $25 (£20) from October 2nd from the Mattel store and at retail shops.

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