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Alien RPG studio set to publish Mörk Borg spin-off pirate game

Is a pirate’s life for you?

Pirate Borg, the spin-off tabletop roleplaying game from Mörk Borg, is set to be published by the studio responsible for the Alien RPG, Free League Publishing.

A tabletop RPG about being a violent and plundering seadog, Pirate Borg was originally crowdfunded by a Kickstarter campaign earlier this year, which successfully collected over $160,000. With the Kickstarter campaign for Pirate Borg long over, Free League Publishing will be releasing a 166 page book for the roleplaying game.

The upcoming book will feature eight character classes for players to choose from when making and developing their characters, alongside a collection of rules for the game master to teach naval combat with. On top of this, the book will include 18 different vessels for players to sail, more than 80 non-player characters and monsters to interact with and an adventure called The Curse of Skeleton Point, which will involve players exploring eleven pirate-themed locations.

The spread of the book for the Pirate Borg RPG.

Pirate Borg is a horror TRPG that takes the dark tone of Mörk Borg and applies it to a seafaring setting. Using the same gameplay system as Mörk Borg, the TRPG sees players becoming lawbreakers on the high seas, navigating the dangerous waters looking for prey to plunder. As pirates, players characters in the game must pillage and raid in order to survive, fully embracing the darkest parts of pirating in a world that’s haunted by evil.

As the players acquire more treasure, they’ll be able to upgrade their ship, becoming an even more formidable threat to other vessels and rival crews. Eventually, players will be able to begin laying siege to port towns, seizing forts and spreading terror across the ocean. However, players will always need to be wary of the creatures lurking below the deepest depths of the waves.

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The trailer for the Pirate Borg Kickstarter.

Pirate Borg was originally published by Limithron, with the Kickstarter campaign fulfillment being handled by Exalted Funeral, the company responsible for releasing the upcoming Monty Python’s Cocurricular Medieval Reenactment Programme RPG.

The release date for Pirate Borg is set for early next year, with a retail price yet to be revealed.

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