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Pixel Tactics, the 16-bit inspired tabletop title, is becoming an actual video game

From admiration to imitation.

The retro-inspired card game, Pixel Tactics, is fully embracing its roots and getting its very own video game adaptation.

Pixel Tactics Online is a digital version of the original tabletop title that swaps a deck of physical cards for a virtual strategy game. In the upcoming PC game, players take control of a small force of troops and attempt to defeat their opponent’s unit. In a similar fashion to the card game it’s based on, Pixel Tactics Online invites players to choose between a selection of different leaders, before recruiting a team of worthy heroes to make a unit capable of overcoming their opponent’s.

Players then face each other on a virtual battlefield, activating and moving their heroes across a grid in order to take out their rival’s leader, whilst ensuring that their own is protected. Taking out the enemy leader will require the player to carefully command their heroes, as well as use their leader’s unique powers, until they have achieved victory.

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Alongside the game’s online versus mode, Pixel Tactics Online also has a solo game mode for players to tackle - which contains 25 stages and three difficulty levels to select from. As they complete each stage of the solo mode, players can unlock new cards and leaders to use in future battles.

Pixel Tactics is a card game for two players that sees the combatants using their decks to vanquish their opponent’s leader. Once players have selected their leader from an identical deck of cards, they then take turns to construct their unit of heroes. A card can be used in a variety of ways depending on where it’s placed in a player’s formation, whether it’s on the front lines or at the back, or otherwise used as a single use action called an Order. Whichever player successfully defeats the opposing leader first is the winner.

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D Brad Talton Jr - the creator of the collectible card game simulator Millennium Blades and Battlecon: Devastation of Indines, another two-player card game - is the designer behind Pixel Tactics, whilst Level 99 Games serves as the title’s publisher. Level 99 Games, the studio responsible for releasing this year’s Bullet♥︎, is also the developer and publisher of Pixel Tactics Online.

The release date for Pixel Tactics Online is set for sometime this Summer, with a retail release price yet to be confirmed.

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