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Pletrix is a roll-and-write game that challenges you to play Tetris using dice

Hectic geometric fun.

Roll dice to fill in the different shaped gaps in Pletrix, an upcoming board game that turns the classic video game, Tetris, into a roll-and-write experience.

Pletrix is set in a strange world wherein a famous video game console was lost to a band of aliens when an astronaut forgot it during a trip into outer space. After messing around with a cartridge, the aliens accidentally released the various pieces found inside the video game into the real world. These enormous geometric meteors are now flying through space, colliding with anything and everything that comes in their way. To deal with this threat, the governments of Earth have banded together to help the aliens to clear the drifting shapes, creating the organisation known as Pletrix.

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In Pletrix, players find themselves becoming part of the intergalactic task force, with the aim of gradually clearing the various shapes across five different panels. Each of the panels on the players’ scoreboards correspond to the different colours of dice - pink, blue, green, yellow and orange - which players must attempt to cross off as much of the squares found therein as possible. These panels make up the lower part of a player’s scoreboard, with the upper part showing the special actions that players will be able to use throughout the game.

The game begins with one player rolling all 10 of the dice, before choosing two colours of dice to take - for example, the blue and pink dice - which they will use to fill in their panels. The dice display different geometric shapes, instead of numbers, thereby enabling players to pencil in parts of their panels. The rest of the players then pick from the remaining colours of dice, using those shapes to fill in their scoresheet. Each panel has a different set of scoring rules which players will have to abide by, using their various special actions to aid them.

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Players continue to roll the dice and use their chosen results to fill in their scoresheets until either one players has completed three of their panels, or a player has crossed out three roll error cells - which are used whenever a player cannot place one of the shapes found on their dice - which signals the end of the game. Whichever player has the highest total score is named the winner. Alternatively, players can challenge the solo game mode and attempt to get the highest score possible.

Pletrix is being published by Trúquilis Games, a tabletop distribution company owned by the game’s creator - Javi Janza.

The Kickstarter campaign for Pletrix is live until May 9th, with a pledge of €20 (£18/$24) getting backers a copy of the board game that’s estimated to arrive in December.

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