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Pokémon TCG Live is finally out on PC and mobile, officially replacing Pokémon TCG Online

Following over a year of open beta.

Image credit: The Pokémon Company

The Pokémon Trading Card Game’s latest digital incarnation has officially launched on PC and mobile after over a year in beta.

Pokémon TCG Live is the latest free-to-play app faithful to the trading card game, in which two players form their parties of Pokémon before battling to KO their rival’s pocket monsters first.

Pokémon TCG Live’s launch for PC, iOS and Android on June 8th follows the complete shutdown of former digital outing Pokémon TCG Online earlier this week. Players were able to migrate their Online card collections to Live during its pre-release beta; if you forgot to move your stuff across, don’t worry - it should now just happen automatically. (Bear in mind, some cards from X&Y and Black & White can be viewed but not used just yet.)

The launch trailer for Pokémon TCG LiveWatch on YouTube

Live’s release accompanies the launch of latest Pokémon TCG expansion Scarlet & Violet - Paldea Evolved, which includes almost 200 new cards based on the latest Pokémon video games.

Among the new cards in Paldea Evolved are 15 new souped-up Pokémon ex - including evolved Scarlet and Violet starters Meowscrada, Skeledirge and Quaquaval - the legendary Chien-Pao and Ting-Lu from the games’ titular Paldea region, and multiple Tera ex cards. Oh, and a new Pikachu, too.

Pokémon TCG Live’s full launch follows over a year of open beta testing for the app, which sees a digital Pokémon TCG experience come to mobile for the first time.

Liv and Matt played the Pokémon TCG Live during its betaWatch on YouTube

Because this is the year 2023, Pokémon TCG Live includes a battle pass that allows players to unlock extra booster packs as they play and complete various daily quests. More packs and cards can also be acquired by working your way up the game’s ranked ladder during each of its competitive seasons.

Of course, you can also sink real money into the game too, to unlock specific sets or cards, as well as a premium battle pass - which provides more quests and unlockables - and to purchase accessories for your virtual trainer, from deck boxes and card sleeves to virtual clothing.

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