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Best Christmas gifts for Pokémon card fans: TCG, merch and collectibles

Gotta gift 'em all.

Buying gifts for a Pokémon card fan means you're spoilt for choice when it comes to Christmas presents, especially with so many new Pokemon TCG products to treat someone to. The launch of the official Pokémon Center in the UK means it's even easier to gift 'em all, but there are plenty of Pokémon gift ideas to be found outside of the online store, too.

To help you find the best Pokémon gifts this Christmas, we've gathered all of the best deals on Pokémon TCG and Pokemon merch we can find, with all of the age brackets covered.

Best Pokémon gifts

Pokémon TCG gifts

The latest Pokémon card game Elite Trainer Box feature Alolan Vulpix and contains eight booster packs, 65 card sleeves, damage counter die and more, making it the ideal gift for Pokémon fans just starting out or for longtime collectors. Image: The Pokémon Company

There are lots of different Pokémon TCG Expansion sets coming out through the year, with most people wanting the latest set that makes earlier sets come down in price. Right now expansion sets are still in the Sword and Shield series with the Silver Tempest set being the latest.

Buy the Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield- Silver Tempest Elite Trainer Box from Amazon UK and Best Buy in the US.

Buy the Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield—Silver Tempest Booster Bundle (6 Packs) fromAmazon UK and Best Buy in the US.

Buy various Pokemon TCG Sword & Shield Silver Tempest sets from Zatu Games.

Buy various sets of Pokémon TCG direct from Pokemon Centre UK and Pokémon Centre US.

Pokémon TCG: Battle Academy

Battle Academy is designed to be the best starting place for newcomers to the Pokémon card game. Image: The Pokémon Company

The Pokémon TCG: Battle Academy kit is a great entry-level way into the world of Pokémon cards and has everything you need to get started.

This updated set includes beginner rulebooks about how to play the Pokémon card game and an advanced guide to make your battles a little more exciting, plus three 60-card Pokémon TCG decks and a useful two-player game board. There's also some handy accessories to enhance your game, such as a flip-coin to land those essential critical hits and damage counters keep track of your Pokémon's HP.

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Buy Pokémon TCG: Battle Academy from Amazon UK and Amazon US.

Pokémon TCG deck boxes

Deck boxes protect Pokémon cards from damagewhile allowing Pokémon fans to show off their love for the card game.

Protecting your deck from getting torn or bent is a must, so you might want to consider gifting one of these officially licensed Pokémon deck boxes. Any serious card collector is probably building multiple different decks too, so an extra deck box is always going to go down well as a gift.

We've linked a few different options made by Ultra Pro. They're made using high quality leatherette material with an embossed Pokémon character motif. The card holders can store up to 100 double-sleeved cards and feature strong magnetic closures so that your deck won't fall out everywhere.

Buy the Pokémon Mewtwo alcove flip box fromTotal Cards in the UK and Amazon US.

Buy the Ultra Pro Pokémon Ultra Ball alcove flip box from Total Cards.

Buy the Pokémon: Alcove Click Deck Box: Kanto from Forbidden Planet.

Buy the Pokémon: Alcove Click Deck Box: Sinnoh from Forbidden Planet.

Buy the Pokémon: Alcove Click Deck Box: Galar from Forbidden Planet.

Pokémon TCG card sleeves

Sleeves are a must if you plan on handling your Pokémon cards game after game - or simply to protect your more valuable and rare cards.

For only a few quid, these Ultra Pro transparent card sleeves are an excellent stocking stuffer for a Pokémon card fan, or any other TCG collector for that matter. They'll help protect cards from getting scratches and other damage during play.

If it's a particularly rare or expensive Pokémon card, most collectors like to double sleeve their cards, so two packs of 100 sleeves is a pretty decent amount. Ultra Pro also sells Pokémon-themed sleeves including Lucario, Gengar, Charizard and more.

Buy the Ultra Pro card sleeves from Amazon UK and from Amazon US.

Buy the Ultra Pro card Lucario sleeves from Amazon UK.

Buy the Ultra Pro card Charizard sleeves from Amazon UK.

Buy the Ultra Pro card Enchanted Glade sleeves from Amazon UK.

Buy the Ultra Pro card Sobble sleeves from Amazon UK.

Pokémon board games and puzzles

There are Pokémon-themed versions of classic board games such as Labyrinth.

Back in the late nineties and early 2000s, there was a bountiful selection of Pokémon board games you could choose from. Who could forget Pokémon Master Trainer? You might still find it secondhand from a reputable seller on eBay, but prices are upwards of £60.

There are still a few Pokémon edition board games available on the market today, including Pokémon Labyrinth and Pokémon Monopoly. A puzzle would also make a great Christmas gift so we've included a few of our faves below.

Buy Pokémon Labyrinth from Zatu (UK) and Amazon US.

Buy Pokémon Monopoly: Kanto Edition from Amazon UK.

Buy the Ravensburger Pokémon Ultra Ball 3D jigsaw puzzle from Amazon UK.

Buy the Ravensburger Pokémon 1000pc puzzle from Amazon UK.

Buy the Ravensburger Pokémon Classics 1500pc puzzle from Total Cards.

Pokémon Eevee's Stained Glass 2000pc Jigsaw Puzzle from Amazon US


Pokémon plush dolls

A plush is about the closest any Pokémon fan will get to owning a real-life Pokémon - making their favourite Pokémon an ideal gift.

If you're into cute collectibles, these Pokémon plush dolls might be just the thing you're looking for. Most of your favourite Pokémon characters have a fluffier and more cuddlier verion of themselves, all of which are available in a variety of sizes.

The best place to look for Pokémon plushes right now is at The Pokémon Center, where there are hundreds of different sized Plushes for so many different Pokémon.

There are some great deals on cute Pokémon plushies right now not at The Pokémon Center, the best of which we've left below.

Buy the Pikachu 8" Pokémon plush doll from Amazon UK.

Buy the Bulbasaur 8cm Pokémon plush doll from Amazon UK.

Buy the Squirtle 20cm Pokémon plush doll from Amazon UK.

Buy the Lugia 30cm Pokémon plush doll from Amazon UK.

In the US

Buy Pokémon plushies (various sizes) from the Pokémon Center.

Buy Pokémon 8" plushies from Walmart.

Buy Pokémon plushies (various sizes) at Walmart.

Pokémon collectibles and Pokemon figurines

With hundreds of Pokémon across the series' many regions and generations, you'll never be short of figurines to give to a Pokémon fan.

As well as the mountains of Pokémon plushies out there, there are plenty of Pokémon collectibles and figurines too. The Pokémon action figures are perfect for kids to play with and re-enact Pokemon battles, while the various statues and collectable figures make great gifts for any serious Pokémon collectors.

A word of warning, though: make sure you're always buying from legitimate retailers. There are a lot of companies capitalising on the demand for Pokémon items by selling unlicensed merchandise, especially on websites such as eBay.

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You'll find links to some of the best deals on officially licensed Pokémon collectibles and figurines below.

Buy a Wand Company Great Ball die cast replica from Zavvi.

Buy Pokémon battle figures multi-pack from Amazon UK.

Buy a Pokémon Charmander clip-'n'-go Pokéball from Amazon UK.

Buy a Pokémon battle figure three-pack (Piplup, Oddish and Umbreon) from Amazon UK.

In the US

Buy Pokémon figures (various sizes) from the Pokémon Center.

Buy Pokémon battle figures eight-pack from Target.

Buy a Pokémon carry case play set from Target.

Buy a Lugia 30cm Pokémon plush doll from Amazon UK.

Other Pokémon gifts and accessories

Pokémon merchandise ranges from the obvious to the more unexpected, so you'll never run out of Pokémon gift ideas for a fan.

After something a little bit different? The world of Pokémon covers the weird and wonderful when it comes to gifts, ranging from gold-plated Pokémon jewellery to upmarket collaborations with fashion brands such as Gucci and even a giant Gengar armchair. Here are some of our favourites.

Various Pokémon region travel posters (digital download) from Brady Art Shop at Etsy.

D6 Pokémon inspired dice from GiraffeDiceandGames at Etsy.

Buy a Pokémon grilled cheese maker from Lost Universe.

Buy a Pokémon Pikachu Breakfast bowl set from Lost Universe.

Buy the Pokémon Indigo League: Season 1 boxset from HMV.

Buy officially licensed Pokémon T-shirts, hoodies, socks and other clothing from Zavvi.

Buy Criminal Damage X Pokémon Capsule collection - limited edition T-shirts, hoodies and tops from Criminal Damage.

In the US

Buy a Pokémon Celebrations express electric model train set from the Pokémon Center.

Buy Pokémon 25th anniversary gold-plated Silver brooch from the Pokémon Center.

Buy other Pokémon Jewelry from the Pokémon Center.

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