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Primal: The Awakening is Kingdom Death meets Monster Hunter, coming to Kickstarter next week

‘Boss-battler’ board game can be played in legacy campaign or standalone scenarios.

Co-op ‘boss-battle’ board game Primal: The Awakening is launching on Kickstarter next week, studio Reggie Games has announced.

Described as drawing from video game series Monster Hunter and board game Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5, Primal sees a group of players working together to take on gigantic monsters in either individual scenarios or a connected legacy-style campaign.

The monsters are controlled by the game using an AI system that is said to respond to the hunters’ actions, as they manoeuvre around each boss’ miniature in the centre of the board attempting to avoid damage and attack weak spots. Each monster has a unique deck that determines its behaviours and abilities, with the game said to be a challenging affair. Play time is estimated to be around half an hour per player, with up to four people - as well as a single-player mode.

Gameplay is driven by cards, with no dice used and players having to manage the available actions in their hand. The game’s campaign mode allows players to unlock achievements, bonus scenarios and craft elements for their settlement, levelling up and upgrading their equipment across multiple sessions. Different loadouts provide opportunity for differing play styles and approaches to battles.

Primal: The Awakening will launch on Kickstarter on January 19th, with a release date yet to be announced. The box will include over 20 separate scenarios, with a dozen unique ‘large-scale’ monster miniatures.

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