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Perform actual palm readings in this Dark Souls-inspired TRPG

Roleplaying at your fingertips.

An upcoming roleplaying game, called Print Weaver, combines palm reading with a dark fantasy setting.

In the tabletop RPG, two to seven players become Travelers, people who are able to determine their true identity and define fate through their fingertips. Taking place in a fantasy world inspired by the Dark Souls video game series – which is set to be adapted into a roleplaying game by publisher Steamforged Games – Print Weaver sees players becoming characters who are capable of coming back from the dead, cursed with the responsibility of completing their journey through a kingdom invested with monsters and shrouded in darkness. The player characters can find rest and safety at shrines dotted throughout the land, which are tended to by the divine Print Weavers, but must venture out once again to harvest the blood of the various creatures that stalk the world.

With the monster blood – or ink – they've managed to collect, the player characters can protect themselves against the dangers of the kingdom by enchanting their weapons, strengthening the safety of their camps and even healing themselves. The bodies of the monsters they’ve slain can also be used by the players to craft essential equipment. Should someone ever be defeated by a monster, then all their equipment is dropped alongside their corpse and must be physically retrieved, or otherwise the party’s enemies can ultilise it against them in the future. The only way a Traveler can be permanently killed is via a Printless, or a powerful undead traveler who has been given the final death.

Print Weaver RPG book layout

When creating their characters, players can use palmistry, or palm reading, to determine what their traits are, with the RPG teaching players the basics to get them started. From there, characters will advance through a classless and leveless progression system that relies upon personality development. As their characters advance they might come across various magic rings and scrolls which take inspiration from the aforementioned Dark Souls, as well as the classic Gameboy Colour video games The Legend of Zelda: Oracle or Ages and The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons.

Print Weaver was written by N L Morrison – who also did the interior art for the fantasy RPG – who has previously created other roleplaying game content such as Where Are You Right Now?, a character creation tool inspired by dreams, and an adventure called The Milk Light Cathedral. The cover art was created by an illustrator called Justin McElroy, with editing by Matthew K.

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Exalted Funeral, the studio responsible for releases various indie TRPGs such as the apocalyptic game Arc: Doom Tabletop RPG and the solo map drawing RPG Delve, is set to publish Print Weaver.

Print Weaver is set to be released on the Exalted Funeral website sometime next month.

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