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Queerz! is an RPG based on the LGBTQ+ manga inspired by Power Rangers and Sailor Moon

Using the City of Mist TRPG system.

Channel pride and rainbow power to fight back against bigotry in the Queerz! TTRPG, adapted from the LGBTQ+ manga inspired by Power Rangers and Sailor Moon.

Based on the manga series created by queer Japanse Artist Isago Fukuda, Queerz! has players becoming super powered heroes from the LGBTQ+ community whose mission is to thwart the evil schemes of villainous bigots. Player characters will be able to harness their own queer abilities to fight against those who would attempt to spread ignorance and hate across the world. Each battle that players may encounter will feature all the usual trappings of an anime fight-scene, such as the colourful attacks and stylish poses, but will eventually morph into something more nuanced.

Right at the climax of each villain fight, players will make their way into the very psyche of their opponent and attempt to uncover exactly how they came to hold the ignorant thoughts they harbour. The player characters then help the villain to free themselves from their prejudice and embrace a more empathetic approach - and in doing so, help them to come to terms with the challenges they experience in their lives due to their own queer identities. Even though Queerz! may be a roleplaying game about the LGBTQ+ community, players of all identities are encouraged to “tap into the Pride inside” themselves when playing.

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The Queerz! TTRPG is based on the same system as City of Mist - a modern-day fantasy RPG in which the player characters are imbued with the powers of classic fictional characters such as Alice and the Big Bad Wolf - that uses some elements of the Powered by the Apocalypse engine alongside characters who hold no stats or classes.

Instead of the usual aspects of character creation found in many other RPGs, in Queerz! players assign various tags to their respective characters which give them both detail and can be tapped into whenever players want to attempt certain actions. For example, the tag “fierce drag queen wardrobe” gives an idea of what the character looks like, whilst “energy beam of empathy” could be used as an actual attack against an enemy. Players may also have the opportunity to have their characters go through a dramatic transformation in order to take on an entirely new set of tags.

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Son of Oak Game Studio - a queer-owned company that previously published City of Mist - is set to release the Queerz! TTRPG in a starter-kit called Queerz! Basic Box which will be designed to teach both players and games masters how to play and run the game, alongside an introductory adventure. Also featured within the Basic Box will be a set of pre-generated characters, maps and dice.

The Kickstarter campaign for the Queerz! Basic Box is set to launch on September 14th, with pledge amounts yet to be confirmed.

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