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Isle of Cats board game sequel teams up players to rescue kitties from a fire

Race to the Raft!

Isle of Cats, the tile-laying board game of competitive cat-rescuing, is putting players’ differences to one side to save kitties from a burning island in its upcoming spiritual sequel.

Race to the Raft is the follow-up to Frank West’s 2019 sleeper hit, which saw players carefully arranging tiles representing members of feline families in order to fit as many cats onto their boat as possible before the arrival of an evil invading lord. Players could also recover treasure from the threatened island by following maps, and needed to collect fish to lure the kitties onto their ark - which scored more points for being reunited with their family.

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Where The Isle of Cats was competitive, Race to the Raft applies a cooperative angle to the theme of rescuing kitties.

This time around, the titular island is on fire - honestly, these cats can’t catch a break - requiring up to four players to guide their cats to safety through the fire and flames.

Rather than placing tiles to cram cats onto boats, the players must create pathways by laying down their tiles, avoiding or controlling the flames that steadily creep over the board.

The game will come with more than 80 unique scenarios - plus a tutorial - for players to complete as they discuss plans as a group before trying to crack each puzzle using their individual actions. A solo mode will also be included, and playthroughs will last around 40 to 60 minutes.

Race to the Raft is headed to Kickstarter on October 18th, ahead of a planned release next year.

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