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Santorini creator’s next board game is Viking strategy title Ragnarocks

Don’t go Bragi-ng about winning.

Command a clan of Vikings to claim land in the realm of Midgard in Ragnarocks, the latest board game from Santorini designer Gordon Hamilton.

Ragnarocks in a two-player board game that has players becoming generals of their own clan of warring Vikings, with the goal of claiming the most land possible.

Using the power of runestones, players can corner off parts of Midgard and prevent their opponent from moving their Vikings or placing their own runestones. Players will also be able to call upon the power of their chosen god or Norse creature to aid them in their quest for dominance. During the upcoming board game, players take turns to move one of their Viking pieces to the furthest possible hex in any direction, before they hit any other Viking miniature or runestone.

Once they’ve moved their Viking, players choose a hex to place a runestone in, making sure to place it within a straight line from the current location of their newly-moved Viking. For example, two hexes to the direct left of the Viking piece they just moved. If a player successfully encloses an area containing only their own Viking pieces using runestones, that section becomes a settlement and belongs to that player. Victory points are scored at the end of the game - once all the Viking pieces have been placed in settlements - with the winner being the owner of the most victory points.

Players can choose to experience Ragnarocks with the addition of myth cards, which grant players special abilities they can use at certain stages in the game. Based on iconic characters from Norse mythology - such as Odin, Heimdallr, Bragi and Jormungandr - these cards can give players the ability to move settled Vikings and perform additional actions, amongst various other powers.

Besides Ragnarocks and Santorini, Hamilton is known for creating last year’s spin-off title Santorini: New York - which transferred the series from ancient Greece to the Big Apple during the 1920s - as well as festive card game 12 Days of Christmas and Scottish-themed title King’s Kilt.

Grey Fox Games is the studio responsible for releasing Ragnarocks, with its previously-published games including fellow Viking title Champions of Midgard, which has players competing in a worker-placement game about defending the land against draugr, and a Cthulhu-themed game about working together against the Old Ones called Mythos Tales.

The Kickstarter campaign for Ragnarocks is live until March 17th, with a pledge of $45 (£32) getting backers a copy of the core game estimated to arrive in November.

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