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Munchkin studio creates games collection that requires just a handful of d6s to play

Absolutely rolling in entertainment.

The publisher responsible for the Munchkin series, Steve Jackson Games, has created a collection of games that only requires a few d6s to play.

Called Random Fun Generator 2, a sequel to the original collection of games, the book contains a selection of titles that can be played with a few standard d6s. The first entry in the series is not required to experience Random Fun Generator 2, with players able to enjoy over 20 simple dice games contained within a small booklet or digital PDF.

Some of the titles included in Random Fun Generator 2 include a game called Fundraiser - that has players acting as reluctant donators to an ambitious charity - Power Circuit, a game about capturing the opponent’s dice within a grid, alongside a dice game about being the slowest person in a race called Leader of the Back and Collision Course, a game that has players attempting to survive a terrible storm on the deck of their ship.

Random Fun Generator 2 book

The titles within Random Fun Generator 2 are designed to be quick games that can be played as either filler titles between larger tabletop experiences, or in a series of smaller games across an entire evening.

The original Random Fun Generator collection was successfully funded via a Kickstarter campaign in October 2020 and released to backers in December of that same year. Now available via the Steve Jackson Games online store, Random Fun Generator features a selection of more than 20 dice games designed to be played with d6s - with titles such as Great Rolled Ones, a cthulhu game about being cultists, and a co-op adventure game about venturing into a dungeon called Six-Sided Slayers.

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Besides the Random Fun Generator series and Munchkin, Steve Jackson Games is best known for publishing other dice games such as the Zombie themed title Zombie Dice, as well as Car Wars: Sixth Edition - the latest version of the vehicle destruction board game.

The Kickstarter campaign for Random Fun Generator 2 is live until September 30th, with a pledge of $16 (£12) getting backers a copy of the physical book in April 2022. Alternatively a digital PDF is available for a pledge of $6 (£5).

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