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A Thousand Thousand Islands team is creating a RPG campaign book about a roach deity

Reach of the Roach God’s many-legged book was funded on Kickstarter within the first half hour.

The team of Southeast Asian tabletop designers and artists behind the popular A Thousand Thousand Islands worldbuilding project have launched a Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund their first full-length tabletop RPG campaign book - Reach of the Roach God.

The system-neutral adventure draws inspiration from the sprawling cave systems found throughout Southeast Asia, along with the folklore and urban legends suffusing its jungles, rivers and deep reaches. In true A Thousand Thousand Island fashion, the results look as though they serve beauty and bizarreness in equal portions.

Players will find three adventures introducing them to a world where people wearing the face and features of bats, orangutans, lizards and other creatures are commonplace and the countless children of Odoyoq skitter at the edges of villages, monasteries and even the borders between life and death. Each ties into the larger plot outlined in the rest of the book, eventually leading them into conflict with the Roach God and his following.

Centaur Games - the outfit that publishes ATTI - also plays to their strengths by including three gazetteers for a few of the cultures dotting the half-myth, half-history of the region. Groups can use them to familiarize themselves with customs, religions, dress and material specialties of the setting, and game facilitators can find plenty of adventure hooks and mysteries to entice their players into danger.

Also included will be random generators and other assorted tables meant to aid the group in fleshing out their version of ATTI’s world, from the mountaintops to the flooded depths. Unique personal items, weather, bestiaries, conflict and event tables and even cave and river generation using action figures or other miniature toys.

A preview of one of the introductory adventures, called Quiet Lake, can be downloaded on the Kickstarter campaign’s page. It provides a solid example of what to expect in the full book, from Munkao’s black-and-white illustration style to designer Zedeck Siew’s ability to flesh out both the mundane and the mystical aspects of a place through his words. Centaur Games, which creates ATTI, also includes editor and project manager Grace Wong.

The team is currently expecting Reach of the Roach God to be a 200 to 300-page hardcover book written to be adaptable to most fantasy-centered game systems with as little hassle as possible. Backers can snag either a digital copy for S$37 (£21/$27) or that physical hardcover for S$75 (£41/$55). Writing and editing are still underway, so Centaur Games is currently projecting a delivery date sometime in October 2022.

The Kickstarter Campaign for Reach of the Roach God runs through December 8th.

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