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My Chemical Romance inspired RPG includes stickers

Danger Days are coming.

An upcoming tabletop roleplaying game inspired by My Chemical Romance and Tank Girl includes a set of stickers for players to use for their characters.

Rebels of the Outlaw Wastes is a tabletop RPG that has players exploring a hyper-saturated dystopian world that’s being controlled by a tyrannical collective of powers. As a rebel, players will be finding ways to fight back against this tyranny, using the power of friendship and attitude to stick it to the man. Whether they’re a motorcycle-riding punk or a retro-futuristic cowboy, players will be able to craft and play their character in numerous different ways, all whilst heeding the call of The Voice – otherwise known as the game master.

Inspired by the likes of the punk comic book series Tank Girl – which was also adapted into a 1999 film starring Lori Petty – the 2010 concept album by My Chemical Romance Danger Days, which depicts a post-apocalyptic California wherein outsiders rebel against a corporation, and the animated Netflix series Kipo and the Age of the Wonderbeasts, Rebels of the Outlaw Wastes is a sci-fi TRPG that has players making dice rolls whenever they want their character to solve a problem using a skill. Similar to TRPG gameplay systems such as Powered by the Apocalypse and Forged in the Dark – a system that Blades in the Dark was built on – Rebels of the Outlaw Wastes is a game that has players choosing to make the rolls, rather than the GM asking them to.

Artwork for TRPG Rebels of the Outlaw Wastes.

Whenever a player character faces an obstacle, they can choose to overcome it by rolling using their skills, style and gear, with the dice roll determining how the story progresses, rather than whether the character was successful. Players can improve their characters’ chances of doing what they want by creating and advancing them in certain fields. Rebels of the Outlaw Wastes includes a set of stickers that players can use to indicate achievements that their characters have acquired, which will then unlock improvements to their skills – resulting in a character sheet that will be eventually covered in stickers.

Players and GMs can customise the world of Rebels of the Outlaw Wastes by using the various options available, such as the world-building elements that GMs can use when creating their one-shots or campaigns and the various backgrounds that players can draw from when designing their characters.

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Update:This article previously stated that Banana Chan was the designer behind the game. This was inaccurate and has since been corrected.

Rebels of the Outlaw Wastes was designed by Michael Addison, with contributions from Banana Chan the co-creator of horror tabletop roleplaying games such as Ennie-nominated Jiangshi: Blood in the Banquet Hall and Surburban Consumption of the Monstrous, with artwork by Alessandra Rostgnotto.

A Kickstarter funding campaign for a physical version of Rebels of the Outlaw Wastes is set to be launched on October 4th, with a digital version available on now.

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