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This Bridgerton-inspired tabletop roleplaying game is the talk of the ton

Whatever will Lady Whistledown say?

A new tabletop roleplaying game inspired by the Bridgerton series of novels will have players becoming the talk of the ton.

Taking cues from the works of Jane Austin – author of many classic 18th century novels such as Pride and Prejudice and Emma – and Georgette Heyer, the writer of Arabella and The Corinthian, as well as from more modern works like Juila Quinn’s Bridgerton novels, which have been adapted into a Netflix TV series, and Downton Abby by Julian Fellowes, Regency is a tabletop RPG all about the trials and tribulations of high society during the 1700s.

Featuring classic period tropes – from romantic scandals to daring adventure – Regency sees players working together to create their own 18th century-style novel with one person as the author, or game master, and the others as the family the story will focus on. Throughout the upcoming tabletop roleplaying game, players can expect to navigate the critical world of regency society, avoiding becoming the cause of gossip and living up to – or completely disregarding - the high expectations of their family leaders.

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In Regency, the author will direct the narrative via a series of chapters that will have the players attempting to perform actions by rolling dice. If they do well for their family, the player characters will increase its rank, wealth and status, or can otherwise work towards their own personal goals. There is no failure in Regency, instead players achieve success or experience complications which will only add to the ongoing drama. Players are encouraged to embrace the tropes of the period genre whilst being inclusive of different races, cultures, genders and sexualities.

The first sourcebook for Regency will feature a primer on regency era tropes, rules for character creation, an explanation on how family systems work, as well as how to play the game itself. Players and the author will also have access to rules for advancement and a custom novel called The Belcourt Masquerade, in which the players’ family are torn between two rival houses due to a previously poorly made marriage match.

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Regency was co-created by Taylor Baird and Flannel Gary, with editing from Michael McMullin as well as artwork by Ruby Do Trinh and design from Nathan Paoletta.

The RPG is being published by Many-Sided Dice, a tabletop RPG website that is now releasing its own games.

The Kickstarter campaign for Regency is live until June 12th, with a pledge of $25 (£21) getting backers a digital PDF version of the sourcebook in September. Alternatively, a pledge of $60 (£49) will unlock the hardcover version, whilst a pledge for people in financial hardship is also available.

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