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Cooperative battler Regicide announces a legacy edition with stickers and campaigns

Regicide Legacy takes the monarchical struggle to new, fantastical locations.

Landscape art from cooperative card game Regicide Legacy
Image credit: Sketchgoblin/Badgers From Mars

Cooperative card battler Regicide has announced an upcoming legacy edition that will expand its cooperative battling structure with campaign missions, locations and more.

Simply named Regicide Legacy, the new project from New Zealand studio Badgers from Mars keeps the core experience from the original Regicide intact - players use a deck of playing cards to recruit soldiers and systematically murder the monarchy (represented by face cards). Suits have different abilities, and the players will need to carefully manage their hands because if anyone runs out of cards the whole team loses.

Regicide Legacy’s details are slim ahead of a Kickstarter campaign coming later in the spring, but the publisher’s website serves up a few juicy morsels. For example, the roguelike grind of overcoming and amassing soldiers from the deck's numbered cards will be augmented with missions where the players can earn rewards in the form of new cards to add into the deck. In the original, new cards normally land in the discard pile first and must be shuffled back into the critically important draw deck via abilities that evoke healing and resting.

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Players can also earn stickers during their sessions, slapping them on cards of their choosing between missions and ostensibly powering them up or adding new tactical options. Badgers from Mars didn’t share much about rewards beyond calling them “rule-bending goodies”, but one can imagine introducing a new suit to a card much like your D&D character might multiclass in both Fighter and Cleric.

Campaign will be constructed of missions, each of which introduce a unique enemy mechanic and different rules that throw a wrench into the group’s best laid plans. Much like the differing abilities of the Jack, Queen and King, these encounters will need to be approached like a puzzle to be solved - does the group blitz down the boss or tactically ration resources until they can peel their armour off one layer at a time?

Sketchgoblin returns to illustrate the new cards, along with a series of locations where Regicide Legacy’s story will unfold. The publisher hints at a narrative of corruption taking hold in the kingdom and a grim secret coming to light in its wake, but the few images on their website are idyllic, bright and frankly gorgeous. We’ll have to wait to see how that splendour is spoiled when Regicide Legacy launches its Kickstarter campaign in the next few months.

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