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Play a 30 minute co-op Dark Souls-like D&D card game with Regicide Legacy, now on Kickstarter!

Prepare to die, together!

Landscape art from cooperative card game Regicide Legacy
Image credit: Sketchgoblin/Badgers From Mars

A new cooperative card game pits a group of players against a series of increasingly difficult enemies in a Dark Souls-like test of survival.

Regicide Legacy is an upcoming board game that has players working together as a band of adventurers embarking on a series of missions that will take them throughout the unforgiving land of Deccaria.

The original Regicide is a fantasy game contained entirely within a deck of playing cards, in which players must combine their hands of cards in order to defeat a rogue’s gallery of corrupted monarchists. Each round sees players being confronted with a new foe, who they must attempt to defeat by playing cards. The number on the card that players select will determine how much damage their attack deals to their enemy, as well as which special ability they’ll activate.

Enemies in Regicide will have an increasing large amount of health that players will need to chip away at quick enough to avoid taking too much damage themselves and being defeated - as whenever a player loses all their health the game ends in a loss. Some of the harder foes in Regicide will have immunities to certain types of cards that players will have to work around in order to take them out. Players win if they successfully defeat the king.

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Regicide Legacy is a campaign-style version of the original Regicide, providing players with a way of playing a series of interconnected missions with an overarching narrative. Across a series of 12 missions, each taking around 30 to 40 minutes to play, the players will have to confront a gauntlet of intimidating enemies who, in a similar fashion to the popular video game series Dark Souls, will become more and more challenging to defeat - to the point wherein players will likely find themselves suffering defeat and having to try to take them down once again.

However, they won’t be in the fight alone as they’ll have an entire party of allies at their side. Every card that players will have access to has a hero listed on it. Each number in the co-op card game is themed around a different category of classic fantasy hero including: animal companions, gnomes, halflings, dwarves and elves.

Similarly to Dungeons & Dragons, players will each have a party of heroes with different role types, who have their own strengths and abilities for players to utilise against their enemies. Players will need to think carefully about not just the amount of damage they’ll do against a foe, but also what kind of special ability they want to trigger for that round - whether they need a cleric to heal, a bard to inspire or a warrior to increase damage output.

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Each mission is successful whenever players defeat its main enemy, with the group receiving a reward pack for every single mission they complete - which will unlock new cards for them to use in the next mission. Whenever players are defeated, they will gain the aid of a powerful mercenary ally for them to use in their next attempt.

Regicide Legacy was created and will be published by Badgers from Mars, the studio responsible for creating and releasing the original Regicide. The artwork for the game was created by Sketch Goblin, the illustrator behind the art for the previous Regicide.

The crowdfunding campaign for Regicide Legacy will remain on Kickstarter until June 7th, with backers able to get a copy of the game for NZ$100 (£53/$60) in March 2025.

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