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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Moana inspired this tabletop RPG

Attack of the titans.

Survive a world populated by enormous mechanical titans in Relic, an upcoming tabletop roleplaying game that takes inspiration from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Moana.

Relic is a roleplaying game that has players becoming hunters who must find and destroy colossal walking constructions called titans in order to save humanity. The base game takes place on Windfall wherein a cataclysmic event took place and the remains of humanity were forced to pick up the pieces. Each book for the RPG contains 12 different titans that players must hunt, from the stone-hardened Sentinels to corrupted revenants and even the majestic wildhearts.

In the lead up to a titan hunt the players must plan their attack by tracking, observing and investigating the titan they want to destroy. The more time they spend developing their strategy, the better prepared they’ll be to take it on. However, taking too long can result in the players encountering new dangers and hurdles, such as environmental threats or even being discovered by the very titan they’re hunting.

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When performing actions players roll d6s to determine its level of success, with each level having a different result and consequences. Players are encouraged to narrate their character’s actions as they perform them, with the games master serving as a kind of director giving the actors - or players - cues to progress the story.

When creating their characters players will start by deciding on the origin of their group and what motivated them to come together on their journey. Players can then choose their characters’ archetypes, which will determine the narrative arc of their character, as well as how they earn advancements throughout the fantasy roleplaying game. There are ten archetypes to choose from including the seeker - who wishes to discover more about the world - the dynamic tempest and the tower, a character who supports their group when things get tough. Every character in Relic also has their own talisman, which can be an item; animal; physical feature or power that is important to them and can be employed whenever the player deems it necessary.

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Relic was created by Ben Nielson - the designer of Wicked Ones, an RPG that’s based on the Forged in Dark system also used by Blades in the Dark - alongside consulting designer Cass Rea and artist Victor Costa.

Bandit Camp is the studio behind Relic, as well as the aforementioned Wicked Ones roleplaying game that sees players becoming a group of monsters building their own dungeon.

The Kickstarter campaign for Relic is live until November 26th, with a pledge of ¥5,600 (£36/$49) getting backers a physical copy of the core rulebook that’s set to be delivered in April 2023. Alternatively, a digital version of the book is available for a pledge of ¥2,840 (£19/$25).

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