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Overlord-style board game Rise of the Necromancers picked up by Super Fantasy Brawl studio

A bone to pick.

Rise of the Necromancers, a board game in which players are evil-doers with the power to raise the dead, is set to be co-published by the studio behind Super Fantasy Brawl - Mythic Games.

A board game that was originally released in 2018 by Sore Loser Games, Rise of the Necromancers sees two to five players attempting to gather a large enough army to establish their dominance over the land. The fantasy board game involves players gradually developing the power of their necromancer, turning them from an aspirational spell-caster to the commander of hordes of the undead. In a similar fashion to the video game series Overlord, players are encouraged to be evil and ultimate power.

At the very beginning of the game, players will focus on building their knowledge of spellcraft and artifacts in order to graduate from one of the four academies featured. Once a graduate, players will then be able to explore various dungeons containing new resources for them to use in their evil journey, being sure to overcome - or even befriend - any potential creatures they might encounter along the way. Eventually, players might get into fights with their rival necromancers, using their combat abilities and the army of undead minions they’ve summoned against their opponents.

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Should players manage to develop their necromantic powers and armies enough then they will be able to seize power for themselves, either by becoming headmaster of the academy they once studied at, or conquering the world’s cities and dungeons, or even taking the throne of the Necromancer King.

Rise of the Necromancers was co-designed by Thorbjørn Christensen and Christoffer Kyst, who also created the two expansions for the tabletop title - Dawn & Demons, which introduces demons as a summonable creature, and a new expansion that takes place on the water, that will be released as part of a Gamefound campaign, called Undead Sea.

Rise of the Necromancers board game layout

Apart from co-publishing Rise of the Necromancers releasing Super Fantasy Brawl, Mythic Games is best known for publishing the ancient Greek-themed miniatures board game Mythic Battles: Pantheon - which has players battling one another in service of a chosen deity - and Reichbusters: Projekt Vril, a co-op board game that has players working together to take down Nazi scientists.

A crowdfunding campaign for Rise of the Necromancers is set to be launched on Gamefound in early Q1 2022, with backers expected to receive their pledge rewards in Q4.

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